Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Templar Bretheren

30k Imperials Fists Templar Squad

These guys have been through a few incarnations but here is my finally finished Templar squad. I started out using the full templar upgrade kit but soon found i wasn't happy with it. 

30k Imperials Fists Templar Squad
The arm poses were very static and even though the torsos were very intricate i felt they didn't portray the feeling for the templars that i thought they should have. I ended up dropping the upgrade kit and only used the helms , right pauldrons and a few of the combat shields. 
30k Imperials Fists Templar Squad

Using green stuff i added tabbards and weapons from a grey knight sprue, gave these guys what i think is a much more martial look. 
30k Imperials Fists Templar Squad
I don't use these guys very often as i prefer a more numerous, basic infantry flavour to my lists but putting these guys in a land raider and letting them sow havoc on a flank is pleasing to watch. When pitched against the right targets, these guys perform just as exemplary as every bit of their lore describes them as.

 A Galaxy in Flames


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