Friday, 1 August 2014

Lorgar Aurelian, Part 1

Today I started work on Lorgar's base. I decided that as I had already hand painted one, (Angron's) and airbrushed with hand painted detailed one (Horus), that I would try my hand at oil painting one.

To start with, I prepared my resin. This involved a good clean in warm soapy water, as well as filing it. I then test fitted the parts, before I belt sanded (I am a fitter and turner by trade, I have lots of big tools floating around) the underside of the large and normal base. This gave me a nice flat surface, which comes into play when gluing the base later.

At this point, I test fitted the parts again and primed everything. As always, the prime didn't give a smooth finish to the entire base, but rather added surface texture to the material.

Taste the Rainbow.

At this point, I did a quick semi-gloss varnish, and once dried, out came my $12 oil paint set. These oils will last a LONG time, so $12 is a good investment. I then apply a little of each into my palette. Once I have all my oils out, I then dabbed them all over he base components.

Now, I smear it all together into a nice hangover-esque mixture of Kebab and Bourbon. (A sight I am all too familiar with.)

Now, as the oils take a little while to dry, you have a little work time. You simply get a clean tissue, and use it to rub away any oils you don't want. The more you press, the more oil you take off.

I repeated this 3 times in order to get the right rock tones. Check out some of the mid-process shots.

I ended up with this at the end of all this Kebab/Bourbon work.

I gave the base a very light drybrush with some light grey, about the colour of the base coat. You can compare the before and after with the above and below shots.

From here, I picked out the candles and skulls with both regular acrylics and some washes.

To top off, I think that Lorgar's base is too plain. Just a little. All the other primarchs have pipes and rubble and dead astartes, but Lorgar just has some stairs and a few candles. I thus cracked out the Secret Weapon green bits box (my terrain box of brass etch, rubble etc), and I applied some mossy patches and a couple of Gale Force Nine bushes/shrubs.

So, that's Lorgar's base. Coming after Horus, it probably won't appeal as much, but I am chucking it up anyway because someone, somewhere might enjoy it,



  1. I DID enjoy it! I'm just catching up on the blog and the first time I scrolled through I was like 'holy shit he's just painted oils onto bare resin' but then went back and read through properly.. this looks really good.

    What was the colour you started with? You got a really pleasing rock/stone colour by starting with what looked like a clown had exploded!

    Agreed his base is a bit toned down compared to the others, at least it makes up for it a bit by being the most occult of the bases so far..

    1. The base coat was Tamiya Grey Primer, just a flat aerosol. After that, I had a seedy clown have his way with the base, and well, the rest is history. I added the shrubbery to add a little colour to it, as even with the occult glyphs and skulls, I felt it was still too plain.

  2. Yeah rad, it turned out really good!

    I'd love to do a whole terrain table with that coloured stone, lots of really green grass, and moss.. Maybe a bit too cheerful for 30K/40K though!

    Maybe for Fantasy/Warmachine, hmmmm