Saturday, 2 August 2014

Lorgar Aurelian: Part 2

Two Primarchs in one week whilst working every day AND spend time with the girlfriend? I'm trying to give it a shot! So, today is part 2 on Lorgar, and the first thing I want to say is that GREY IS BORING. Thus, being a fan of Evil Lorgar (muh ha ha) I started with a nice red basecoat with the airbrush, Minitaire Angelic Blood was the go-to, followed by a top-down coat of 50-50 Angelic Blood and Hazard Orange.

Next, I cracked out my wet palette. This bad boy is still wet from working on Horus as I top it up with water to keep it moist through the day. I grabbed some Evil Sunz Scarlett and some Blazing Orange, and in a 70-30 mix, I went around and highlighted the UPPER panels around the zig-zag runes. I didn't go too orange as eventually once I wash this model, the contrast will be huge, so it only pays to highlight lots now if you're not planning on a wash.

Following all this, out came the Balthasar Gold for another hour-long session of gold trim painting. Fuck you GW, fuck you FW, 20 years of painting chaos space marines has given me an intense dislike of gold trim. But it looks shit hot, so I grudgingly do it whilst praising your foul dark gods.

Next, I painted a mix of Auric Armour Gold and Balthasar onto most of the trim. In pic one, you see just the base, in pic 2, you see the full gold mix.

Next came the steel/silver sections. I mixed up some Ironbreaker and Chaos Black to get a darker steel tone, and painted all the tubing and Illuminatum(?) This Crozius is DELICATE. I think out of all the Primarchs I have done, well, the two others, nothing can match this. If you work on this, be very wary of breakage.

I also painted the purity seals/streamers on his armour, as well as doing a soft marble on the shaft of his crozius. this was done by painting it matte black, then applying some very thin veins of pale grey, followed by a Guilliman Blue glaze. I will be coming back to the streamers later after the oil wash, so they aren't quite finished yet.

Thus began the long-ass oil wash. Lots of runes and gold, meant 45 minutes of picking out delicate details all over the place. In the end, I'm really happy with the result, and once he is dry, the matte varnish will really sell him. I will paint the face and cloak in the meanwhile, and bung up some pics of him tomorrow.

Thanks for viewing guys,



  1. I know from facebook I'm behind in the posts - but wanted to shout out on this one that it's been a great series of tutorials mate - particularly the setting up (middle) parts prior to the final posts showing the finished model.

    1. Wow, hey cheers man, a lot of work goes into each of these, as you'd be well aware from your own blog. It's nice to hear that you've enjoyed it, because if someone gets something out of it, then I'm stoked.

  2. Have to say guys this post is bloody brilliant. The only problem with it is now ive just spent £50 ordering a 10man squad to start my heresy force. Between these and my guard army im going to have to sell my kidneys......

    The painting tutorials are really good for a beginner as well and ill be trying out the damage and weathering on my tanks usiny your tips. Cheers

    1. Great to hear Paul! It's ok, after a while, you get used to having one kidney, you just have to take it light on the alcoholic beverages...

      I'm always trying to target the tutorials and make them as simple as possible, so I'm glad you like it, it's great reinforcement for me!