Monday, 21 April 2014

World Eaters Side Project: Volkite Tactical Support Squad and Character Option Part 1

So, whilst I am in the middle of the Facebook competition, (the one where I'm giving away a fully kitted out character), I thought I would build a few more Khorne followers. I now have a 5 man Tactical Support Squad armed with Volkites, because, well, they rock, and they look cool. You can never beat the rule of cool.

We have the Squad Sergeant, armed with a volkite, but also carrying a secondary pistol, helps to distinguish the boss. I have used the bare Rampager Heads quite a bit on these chaps, as I like the look of them on the regular men, as opposed to the bunny ears. I think the bunny ears are best left to the dedicated CC squads.

The vox pack is just an upgrade I may or may not play with. As it stands, I don't use them, but it might be helpful if I have to rally a small squad such as these.

Three plain chaps.

I have built a random MK II armoured character, I might use him as a tactical squad sergeant, but I like the option of using him to represent other Legion HQ sub-types, such as the Vigilator. Note the use of etched brass on his right knee cap.

I have also slightly carved the packs on the character and sergeant, and applied a Khorne brass etch symbol. Glyphs are cool in the realm of chaos.

I have deliberately posed him and armed him to echo the Dark Vengeance Chosen of Chaos, like a blast from the past, a prelude to what's to come.

That's all for now, make sure to like us on Facebook and enter our competition for the free Praetor (ends 25th April 2014, so hurry!)



  1. Loving thFW show and tell.

    Outside the dedicated forums this blog has really turned into the best 30K resource.

    Loving the throw back to the DV kit.

    Keep it up lads.

    1. Cheers mate!

      We try to keep the content regularly updated, that way blog viewers are able to pick and choose the content that best suits them. Not everyone is interested in every post, nor will they be interested in things like Tactica. They might however like the weathering articles, and in that regard, they have half a dozen to pick from. That's the goal, to cater to specific needs.

      Thanks as always for your comments Frothing Muppet.