Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames Tutorial: Rebasing 25mm to 32mm

G'day all, Macca here with a tutorial and an update rolled together. Today we will be looking at rebasing our miniatures from 25mm plastic to 32mm plastic.

The idea today is that I will show you the simplest way to rebase, combined with some finished Iron Warriors, because... reasons?

Step 1:
To start with, I take a pair of clippers and cut the rim off from around the original base.

You should end up with a base like this, but you cannot and I must stress CANNOT just glue this to the new base. First, you have to remove all surface detail from the underside. This takes me to:

Step 2:
Place the miniature onto some large grit sandpaper, I chose P180. From here, you simply slide the base along, and within 10 strokes or so, the base will have smoothed out, leaving just a black smear of plastic on the sand paper.

Step 3:
Glue the 25mm cut outs directly to the 32mm bases. This is the easiest part of all.

Step 4:
Now, the fun part. As you'll notice, there is a noticeable rim left over. What you have to do here is blend it out. I used textured paint, in this case Vallejo Dark Earth, which comes in big tubs, thus meaning it doesn't dry out at a glance like GW's. I will note, that you can also use putty, or speck-filler products to even out the base.

I start in one area, and make sure to work my way around with a nice even coat. Don't be too picky, it's sand, and it should look natural.

So, with that done, that's how you rebase from 25mm to 32mm. I don't know who invented this approach originally, I do know that I used in on terminators when they went from 25mm to 40mm, however I was an inept hobbyist in those days, and failed to make such a clean joint. I'd share photos, but the quality of my miniatures back then is sorta like the Simpsons in season 1, it ain't pretty.

Now, some quick size comparisons.

Here are my Iron Havoks, the Autocannons on the right are only early in the painting process, but as they are an identical unit, for all intents and purposes, they work. First off, you'll notice that the unit footprint is HUGE now. Although I spaced the miniatures the same distance apart, the change is obvious. I can see this leading to some interesting situations with templates, with some positive AND negative situations.

Well, in the end, here's the finished result, with 2 HQ's, the command squad and Iron Havok squad one all rebased in the complete base scheme.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,



  1. Ha - KISS mate - bloody KISS.

    I would never have thought to do that. Last time I tried re-basing from one base to another with resin models I ended up leaving the feet attached to the old base when I tried to pry the mini from it. This is the smarter way to have approached it and is a much better idea than those spacer rings people are playing about with.

    Reminds me I also need to get me some of that textured Vallejo gunk.

    1. Yeah last time I did this, I failed spectacularly. It's amazing what a decade does. The Vallejo textured paint is amazing, I think it's better then the Tamiya stuff even.