Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Iron Warrior Reinforcements

So, a quick update. I have finished building two tactical squads, in MK IV, as well as a new Consul.

Squad one. The Vexillia is actually pinned, with a steel rod replacing the resin one, as it's far too flimsy.

The same goes with squad two, I also used a few bits of plastic to embellish this squad, with an Auspex on the squad signaler, pointing Sergeant, and bionic eye Vexillia bearer.

The new HQ I created is both a Primus Medicae and a Master of Signals. I have kept him quite basic, with stock wargear. This is because I don't really care about the in-game performance.

The way I make my MoS is to combine a recon signal antenna with a signals pack. It looks very signally with the 3 antennae. The medic pack is just a regular plastic one.

I also have attached a small screen to his wrist, in much the same way as I attached one to the 'smart-bolter' on my Tyrant Terminator Siege Master.

So there you go, a short and succinct post. The bases used here are just temp until my plastic 32mm arrive.



  1. I was wondering at the state of those bases.

    Looks good Macca. Mk4 is good looking kit and the upgrade bits for the sergeant and comms enhance the overall look.

    1. Yeah, it's all about subtle things here and there to keep it from becoming monotonous. I really was liking your ork kan's the other day, needed moar rokkit propelled power klaws.