Saturday, 25 October 2014

Macca's top 5 Nastiest 30k units.

Macca's top 5 Nastiest 30k units.

It's all in the title really. I have worked with a talented team of scienticians to bring you this list of what I believe to be the nastiest units available in 30k at this point in time. This is mostly due to a spirited debate I participated in earlier regarding the cheese level of Moriats.

5: Firedrake Terminators. Terminators. Thunder hammer and storm shield. 2 wounds. Flame weapons are also -1 strength against this unit, immune to fear, and get to reroll 1d6 when failing pinning and leadership tests. Thankfully, the price keeps this unit away from the smaller battles, but they can be brutal.

4: The Moriat. Chain fire on twin plasma pistols. 2 shots needing 2's to hit, and generating free hits for each successful one. These bad boys get a lot of flack on the net, but it is offset by their high cost ratio and glass-cannon nature. Still, bringing this to a 1000 point game is cause for being chased by a mob with torches and pitchforks.

3: Tyrant Siege Terminators. You can get 30 of these in 2000 points. Cataphractii armour, power fist, combi bolter, and a freaking cyclone missile launcher! The squad leader also has night vision and split fire. Universally despised by all who have played against them.

2: Thanatar Siege Automata. Toughness 8, 4 wounds, a plasma mortar with 48" range at s8 ap2 which you must RE-ROLL SUCCESSFUL COVER SAVES AGAINST. These units can also get Feel no Pain, and have a 2+ armour save. I personally have two, but I dare not use more as I value my friends.


1: Castellax Battle Automata. These are the number one most hated unit, discovered in a poll I took involving 2 homeless people, a chihuahua, and an Ork player. We concluded that for a troops choice to be toughness 7, 85 points, have 4 wounds, rage, a bolt cannon and a pair of flamers, as well as the option of upgrading to Feel no Pain, that this was pure cheese, distiller extracted, distilled and injected into more cheese. Also known as Keepy's army.

So there you have it. If you have any unit you think should be in the top 5, do let me know. Just so you know, my criteria are:
-Force Org. Slot
-Damage Output
-Points Cost
The better each of these, the more likely you have cheese.


  1. I agree with Castellax, but disagree with Thanatar. It's a single large blast on a relatively tough platform. Sure it's tough, but it has mediocre damage output. 10 Heavy Support Marines with Volkite Culverin. Such an amazing unit!

  2. Castellax Flamers are an upgrade though, as standard they come with bolters.

    Of course there's also the option of Cybertheurgy enhancement for them too which makes them even nastier if it's invested in.

    1. Cybertheurgy is a red herring on Castellax. It only affects a single model, and has to be cast my a single Character on foot.

      Also, in the article it is stated that the robots have access to FNP. Pretty sure he means IWND, which is far worse!

    2. Correct, FnP is something they have access to, however limited it is. It will not die is painful, or, if you're like me, you have Thanatar and a Krios Venator with Caleb Decima hanging nearby ready to buff them...

    3. How do the MCs get access to FNP? I am fairly sure that only Tech Thralls and Magos Primes had access to that. I've been doing it wrong if they do!

    4. In all honesty, I was thinking more along the lines of cheap legion allies, namely a master of signal or primus medicae, an apothecarion detachment, 10 man tac squad, that way you can get fnp attached to 4 units....

  3. Replies
    1. People got into a debate on the HH modelling group page about the nastiest unit, this was at the time when Moriats were everywhere, then a couple of people said someone should solve this... so I attempted to do so, and threw open the door for people to counter it or pick their own units. Generally, it was positively received.

    2. Ah i see. I asked from a purely academic view as i honestly couldn't see what the point was of stating 5 toughest units. It harkens back to the same old 40k way of thinking which seems to be creeping into 30k now. My view was this was the chit chat of the WAAC players between games working out thier meta between others of the same ilk. The comments were always without context.
      I would posit that the toughest units would be a landraider or a storm eagle given that thier tactics are pretty simple and universal on the table. Sure the moriat can be tough/cheesy but a las cannon can simply sort him out. Thats why i commented as i did. I just felt these sorts of discussions were pointless with context. Not a shot at anyone in particular of thier thoughts.

    3. No, it's welcome mate. I agree with you about the simplicity of some units making them tough, this was more of a 'how to know you should be worrying about your opponent' vibe. If you see a plasma moriat, that's bad. A pair of them is worse. Jump pack equipped, with no scatter, oh god!