Thursday, 24 July 2014

Angron: Lord of the Red Sands

G'day all, Macca here,

A couple of days ago I shared my freshly repainted Angron, and I decided to do one more thing with him, which was place him on a display base. So, I got in the internet and pulled up Secret Weapon Miniatures web page, ordered some display plinths and some etched brass. Here's what I used:

First of all, I gave the display plinth a good wash and scrub to remove any nasty mold release agents from the surface and gave it some time to dry. Most Primarchs have solid resin display bases, but since Angron has a single ring shaped 'display base' to go around his gaming base, and I had to make sure I painted within this, and at the same time didn't paint it all, as the glue wouldn't adhere correctly to the resin with paint inbetween. I thus decided to mark out the ring with a good sharpie pen.

After marking it with the pen, I used a small roll of blu-tac which I rolled into a snake, and I ran it around the ring.

Next, I applied some hobby tape, this is just the right width to use as a line for my brass.

I carefully cut the small and delicate brass from Secret Weapon using a sharp scalpal. The brass was then very gently dipped into super glue, then lightly placed onto the plinth, then I would move it with a toothpick, before pressing down on it with the scalpel in order to get a firm bond.

At this point, I peeled the tape off, revealing my brass work. I love the option of having consistent text embossed onto the surface, and the etched brass is perfect for this. I gently cleaned up any super glue which was sticking out as best I could, and sprayed the base in matte black.

After spraying, I picked out the brass letters in gold softly, this is so they have a more worn quality, (I just like it a little 'not perfect'). I then removed the blu-tac once the varnish had dried, and glued the ring onto the plinth.

So here he is, the finished Angron on his display plinth.

The plinth and brass combined was only $25, and for a display model that will sit on the shelf, I think it's money well spent. That's all for now, I hope you enjoy this post and can maybe pick up a thing or two,



  1. Woah savage!

    I really like his cape!

    1. Cheers mate. I decided that there was something feral about having rusty chains dangling.