Thursday, 10 July 2014

Istvaan III Table: Proxy fit 1

Gday Guys,

Just a quick post today, I thought I would just have a play around with the tiles I have built already and see what can fit where. A friend of mine, Braden, dropped around for a look at the progress on the table and had a couple of Thousand Sons with him. We got a couple of photos of a 2'x4' section then extended it to 3'x4' and popped the models on the table with a few of my Castellax just to get a feel of the table:

Well, it turns out you can JUST fit two Rhinos side by side going down the ramps, but only if you offset the exhaust stacks. Spartans are a no go, but a normal Land Raider will fit but I have not checked to see if it can turn once in the trench. Adding small things like light posts and barriers make a massive difference to the table, I still have to do a heap of battle damage to the roads and building tiles but just focusing on getting it all built first.

Thanks for looking, more buildings in the pipeline shortly! Please feel free to leave a comment and / or criticism.



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  1. Fantastic work you've been doing. I've only recently found your blog, and enjoy ready your terrain process.


    1. Glad you enjoy it Craig, thanks for following. Heaps more to go on this build, so stay tuned!

  2. Love what you're doing. It's rare to see a homemade cityfight table with this much verticality. I don't recognize some of the buildings though, can you post your ingredients?

  3. Thanks for posting Roob, glad you are enjoying the progress so far!

    The buildings are made from GW Sanctum Imperialus and Basilica Administratum pieces, and the tower piece is made from the GW Shrine of the Aquilla kit. The floor is scratch built from plasticard.Hope this helps!

  4. Oh hello KEEPY nice it is to see you posting again. I been away in Göppingen and come back many new posts.

    Your terrain ist very beautiful, where does the road barriers emerge from? Internet store perhaps?

    In Europe you see much less modular table, this ist very nice and non standard.

  5. Hello Anon!

    Thank you for your comments on the terrain, I am trying to make it different to the many other urban style tables that you see. Lots of work but hopefully all worth it in the end.

    The barriers come from a company called Secret Weapon Minitures, link to product below for you. Thanks for commenting and stopping by!