Sunday, 9 March 2014

Mechanicum Themed Imperial Knight: Part 3

Ok, so today, I actually have put paint to model. This is a really basic post, and covers the metallics on the weapons and body.

To start with, Ironbreaker and Chainmail were mixed together and applied to the entire warmachine. Then, Mithril Silver was also added to the mix. The helped to give us a really good blend of silvers from dull to bright across the Knight.

Next, I mixed some Khorne Red and some Tamiya XF-1 Black into the airbrush and the silver mix. I then applied this to many of the joints and to the weapon barrels in order to give a burnished look.

After this stage, I then mixed more black in and made quite a dark metallic colour. I then airbrushed the weapon tips and vents across the Knight. For those who don't have an airbrush, fear not! This same look can be achieved by using washes and glazes, and slowly building the colours up with a brush. As I have 3 of these bad boys and very little time, I elected to use the airbrush.

So after that, this is where all 3 of the knights are at.

Oh and I also painted the bases while I had the chance. These are painted in almost the exact same way as the bases painted earlier by Mick, which you can see here.

I'm not super happy with the last base as it frosted a little around the checker plate when I varnished it, I will have to fix that. Still, we now have something resembling 3 Imperial Knights.

Well, that's all for now, I hope too see you all again soon.

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