Monday, 10 March 2014

Mechanicum Themed Imperial Knight: Part 5

Ok, so we are nearing the end of the long road, and I have to say I can't wait. These are already shaping up to be something spectacular, what a kit!

Lets get started with the trim. Bronze is the colour of the day, and the bronze I have chosen is Balthasar Gold as a base. This had to be quite watered down as I was hand painting it on and wanted no blemishes. I found that 2-3 coats gave me great coverage.

Next up is Hapshut Copper. This is almost identical to the first colour, and helps to really get the solid colour across the surface. 

 Lastly, a gentle coat of Sycorax Bronze. This is only used as a subtle highlight on things such as the braziers on the joint between the red hull and the hazard stripes, as well as on edges.

 I then had to paint all of this...

I also took the time to paint the cockpit window and the frame. This is a 4 stage-blue mix with a Guilliman Blue Glaze over the top to add a blue sheen to the black base coat.

The central hull in the three features an aquilla below the mechanicum sigil. This is so I can easily point out the Paladin Knight in games. He will also sport a large full aquilla on his left shoulder.

 I have also sponged the hazards softly with the yellow mix I made earlier when I first painted the hazards. I also mixed a grey-black so that I could damage the yellow ever so slightly

 I also painted the chest scroll using Steel Legion Drab, highlighted up to Zandri Dust.

Ok, so here are the decals and the battle damage. I have chosen to keep the damage very restrained. With such a 'mini-titan'esque paint job, the last thing I want to do is cover it in nasty sponging.


So, as of Sunday night, here is where the Knight Spearhead is at:

Well, that's all for now, tune in tomorrow for the finale!



  1. Nice stuff Macca - looks nice and clean at the moment - looking forward to the weathering post.

    1. Apart from washes and a bit of a greasy slime on the metallics, this is where I'm going with the weathering. I don't want to take away from it by dusting it overly or doing mad damage.