Monday, 10 March 2014

Mechanicum Themed Imperial Knight: Part 4

So day 3 of the build has dawned. It's a lovely Sunday morning here in Australia, so I thought what better to do then to go into my Resin Cave and do some more work on my triple Knights.

The models were brushed over in Khorne Red, and then given a solid coat of Wild Rider Red. The red is reasonably bright, but once the oils go on and the bronze and brass effects, the red will really need to pop. To give you an idea, at the moment these are about as bright as Blood Angels, but a tad on the darker side.

When working on larger panels like this, the airbrush is your friend. It is important if you are hand painting these panels to water your paint down, as streaks will show up very easily. I have also chosen to paint some plates in black and white for Mechanicum, so they are not shown.

Next up after the red, comes the Hazard Stripes. These seem to be a reoccurring theme on Knights, and I do like them. I am not a fan of the white edges GW has painted onto theirs, also I don't like the idea of the whole upper torso being striped, it seems like a bit of overkill. So, instead, I have chosen to paint the rear half of the upper carapace in Hazard Stripes.

First up, I have put a line of tape down to stop me painting over the red. I have also hit the black area with a dark grey I mixed up. This helps to break up the solid black from the undercoat.

Next, I have applied a few lines of tape onto the cutting pad. I made a stencil up for the angle I wanted, and I sliced the tape in a line so that the angles would match across the lines.

Next, I applied the tape, making sure to butt them up against one another down the centre of the carapace as best I could. It doesn't have to be perfect, as I am going to weather the carapace after anyway.

So, with all three done, it's off to the painting board.

A little Zandri Dust mixed with some old Golden Yellow makes a nice and vibrant yellow. The key here is patience. Don't try to do the stripes in one coat. I find that dusting the carapace and moving on is the easiest way, as by the time you get back to the first one, it is dry and ready for the next coat. In the end it took 3 coats.

After pulling off the tape, here is what I was left with.

Again, not 100% perfect at the joints, but nothing I can't touch up, especially with the weathering I have in mind.

So there you have it, part 4 on the knight. Part 5 will be all about painting trim, applying decals and adding battle damage.

Part 5 is scheduled for 3 hours time from when this bad boy drops.... that's right, you're getting two blog posts in one day today, so it's a big Mechanicum Knight day ahead for those who are interested.

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  1. Nice stuff as always. I'm keen to see how you go about doing the trim work. I have a Warhound Titan lurking on a shelf that is in need of a paint but I havent figured out how to tackle it, even with the FW Masterclass books. These and other Knight step by steps are proving useful fidder for that project. Plenty of book marks being added at the moment.