Not so 30k Related

We have had a couple of requests for us to post up a few of our other works that are not heresy related, so this is a space so we can put up, well, whatever we want! This page will be a rolling work in progress and will be updated periodically.

Keepy's Imperial Guard - The Fighting 409th

Here is the fabled Imperial Guard army of Keepy's that does the rounds in North Queensland and occasionally Brisbane. It has managed to pick up a few painting awards in its time and now proudly sits in a display cabinet, ushering in the era of 30k. It has been a work in progress for some time and continues to grow with squads and projects here and there between Editions and work on Horus Heresy models. The most notable features of this army are the converted Chimeras, made to look like a Bradley AFV; and the colour scheme of greys, blues and greens.

More pics of Keepy's Guard can be found on the WW40k website here.

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