Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Emperor's Children Consul (Librarian) Part One

Howdy all, Wadey here! Well now that I am finally home I've been able to get stuck into building my Emperor's Children army. After chatting with Macca and Keepy and getting some great ideas I decided I would make my own MKIV Consul (Librarian).

Now some of you may know the model I've used as the base in which to convert to III Legion. I've used none other than the Red Scorpions Librarian Sevrin Loth, as pictured below.

Now I've always been a firm believer that 'less is more' when doing conversions and as you will see by making a few simple changes to Sevrin Loth I now have an excellent looking MKIV Consul for my Emperor's Children.

The first area of Loth I changed was his shoulder pads. This area of the model alone is probably the most important identifier of Legion and also the prestige of the model. To start with I did what would be his right shoulder pad. I decided to use the shoulder pad with the giant Aquila across it with the Red Scorpions symbol in the middle pictured below.
To convert the shoulder pad to III Legion I simply used a sharp blade carefully remove the RS symbol in the centre, then using a roman numeral III I got from the RS etched brass kit I super glued the III in the place of the removed RS symbol.
For the left arm shoulder pad I used a MKIII Emperor's Children shoulder pad. The idea was that the more elaborate trim around the edge the pad would have more of a HQ look to it when mixed with the MKIV armour.
The next step after the arms were done was to make a few changes to Loth himself. With some Emperor's Children etched brass, a sharp blade and a little green stuff this was easily achieved. The first step was to use a sharp blade to carefully remove all of the pattern and heraldry from Loth's chest. Once the chest was nice and flat and clear of all existing markings I carefully glued one of the EC Aquila's found in the EC etched brass kit. 
Then, using some green stuff I filled in the markings inscribed into Loth's right shin. Only the smallest amount is needed so for those of you who want to convert one for our own armies keep that in mind. Once the green stuff had hardened I then glued one of the etched brass wreaths from the EC etched brass kit. A little hint when applying etched brass is to bend the brass as much and as close to the shape you want it as possible before applying, it makes life a whole lot easier I find.
From there I have simply magnetized his back to allow me the option of putting a jump pack on him and when wearing a normal back pack I've changed the one he came with for a regular MKIV pack.


Well that's it for now guys, watch this space for the next part of my Consul, I may have some friends to go with him! Thanks heaps for stopping by!




World Eaters Side Project: Volkite Tactical Support Squad and Character Option Part 2

First up.... no character.... yes, I know he's in the title, but he is quite the ongoing project, and he'll have to wait a while until I have the time to get around to him.

Anyway, onto the squad!

Much volkite, such tactical, wow support.

The Tactical Support Squad volkites are given a soft glow effect, by brushing on GW Blazing Orange and wet blending up to Tamiya XF-3 Flat Yellow. I then used the oil wash to really add depth. I also gave orange tips to the volkites as it makes it look as if the very metal that makes up the barrels has super-heated around the tip. The down side is the soft blue transition I added is almost invisible against such a bright colour.

Also, a small critique here, but I have applied quite a thin paint to these models, yet trying to paint the eyes on the butchers nails heads has been ridiculous. There is no clear eyeball in many cases, and this is very frustrating as I can't paint the eyeballs without the faces looking like they have a serious case of mental retardation (which I suppose the butchers nails may cause). Just not sure if this is a Forge world miscast or I'm blind.

So, here's the army as it stands, not a bad little side project.

Angry Ron is angry. He should be a daemon prince I guess, since the army has devolved to following Khorne, but he's just too cool to leave out.

Monday, 21 April 2014

World Eaters Side Project: Volkite Tactical Support Squad and Character Option Part 1

So, whilst I am in the middle of the Facebook competition, (the one where I'm giving away a fully kitted out character), I thought I would build a few more Khorne followers. I now have a 5 man Tactical Support Squad armed with Volkites, because, well, they rock, and they look cool. You can never beat the rule of cool.

We have the Squad Sergeant, armed with a volkite, but also carrying a secondary pistol, helps to distinguish the boss. I have used the bare Rampager Heads quite a bit on these chaps, as I like the look of them on the regular men, as opposed to the bunny ears. I think the bunny ears are best left to the dedicated CC squads.

The vox pack is just an upgrade I may or may not play with. As it stands, I don't use them, but it might be helpful if I have to rally a small squad such as these.

Three plain chaps.

I have built a random MK II armoured character, I might use him as a tactical squad sergeant, but I like the option of using him to represent other Legion HQ sub-types, such as the Vigilator. Note the use of etched brass on his right knee cap.

I have also slightly carved the packs on the character and sergeant, and applied a Khorne brass etch symbol. Glyphs are cool in the realm of chaos.

I have deliberately posed him and armed him to echo the Dark Vengeance Chosen of Chaos, like a blast from the past, a prelude to what's to come.

That's all for now, make sure to like us on Facebook and enter our competition for the free Praetor (ends 25th April 2014, so hurry!)


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters

I painted this guy a while back, actually about the time that Forge World first released him. I painted all of him except the face and cloak, and nearly two years later I have applied the finishing touches. The armour is simple bronzes and golds, with soft black and brown oils applied. I chose to gloss up the shoulders, like on Japanese lacquered armour, and I kept the skin on his face relatively red-tattoo free, except for small triangles around his eyes. There was some damage to the model from casting (mostly around the symbol behind his head), but otherwise it was a brilliant kit, easy to build and a challenge, but joy, to paint.

So behold, Angron, Lord of the Red Sands

Once more, the overexposure is hurting the contrast on the metallic surfaces, and I will have to look at ways of fixing that, but for now, that's all.

As always, thanks for reading,


Saturday, 19 April 2014

World Eaters Side Project: The HQ and Rampagers Part Three

 Ok, so here we are, the first batch of gentlemen for the World Eaters side project. Please forgive the over exposure on the images, I have a new photo setup and the lighting is new to me.

First we have the Praetor. This guy can also double as a Legion Champion, just a fun excuse to give a giant axe to someone.

Next is the Legion Master of Signals. This guy is a converted set of MK III power armour, combined with the MK IV Signal Kit, the MK II Signal Kit and the Khorne upgrade kit.

Next, are the Rampagers themselves.

The Rampager Champion is armed with a Power Fist, Plasma Pistol (it's an old Khorne thing, like Kharn and his pistol), and Artificer Armour, as this guy is designed to kick ass in challenges.

Of course, here's the whole gang, with their Vindicator in tow.

So, what do you think? Nailed it, or have I stuffed it like a Matt Ward codex? Let me know below,

Also, in a couple of frames you can see a big guy in the background, in the next day or so, I'll pop him up too. Until then, ciao.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

World Eaters Side Project: The HQ and Rampagers Part Two

So, part two, part two, part two.....

Red, brighter red.... pink? Yes, that's what I did. I applied Mephistion Red, then Wild Rider Red in thin coats. I then mixed some Tamiya Flat White in in order to mix up a pink which was softly applied to patches of armour and exposed flesh in order to help me paint the skin.

The skin is Cadian Fleshtone, then Kislev Flesh, a wash with Agrax Earthshade, Kislev Flesh again, and a Kislev Flesh/Skull White highlight. Although it's not too visible in these images, it looks quite good in the flesh, with their pale skin really standing out from the crimson armour.

Nice little heretic star carved into the head on the Legion Signum. Traitor scum.


This badass has a large gouge in his helmet which you can see a portion of his face through. Looks sweet, and it's something cool you don't see sculpted too often by either Forge World or Games Workshop. I would also like to point out you can see the battle damage I have applied to the models, around the knees in particular.

Here we are with some oils and the metallics applied. Damn this guy looks angry, or is it just me?

Well, that's all for now, check back soon for the finished results!