Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Emperor's Children Consul (Librarian) Part One

Howdy all, Wadey here! Well now that I am finally home I've been able to get stuck into building my Emperor's Children army. After chatting with Macca and Keepy and getting some great ideas I decided I would make my own MKIV Consul (Librarian).

Now some of you may know the model I've used as the base in which to convert to III Legion. I've used none other than the Red Scorpions Librarian Sevrin Loth, as pictured below.

Now I've always been a firm believer that 'less is more' when doing conversions and as you will see by making a few simple changes to Sevrin Loth I now have an excellent looking MKIV Consul for my Emperor's Children.

The first area of Loth I changed was his shoulder pads. This area of the model alone is probably the most important identifier of Legion and also the prestige of the model. To start with I did what would be his right shoulder pad. I decided to use the shoulder pad with the giant Aquila across it with the Red Scorpions symbol in the middle pictured below.
To convert the shoulder pad to III Legion I simply used a sharp blade carefully remove the RS symbol in the centre, then using a roman numeral III I got from the RS etched brass kit I super glued the III in the place of the removed RS symbol.
For the left arm shoulder pad I used a MKIII Emperor's Children shoulder pad. The idea was that the more elaborate trim around the edge the pad would have more of a HQ look to it when mixed with the MKIV armour.
The next step after the arms were done was to make a few changes to Loth himself. With some Emperor's Children etched brass, a sharp blade and a little green stuff this was easily achieved. The first step was to use a sharp blade to carefully remove all of the pattern and heraldry from Loth's chest. Once the chest was nice and flat and clear of all existing markings I carefully glued one of the EC Aquila's found in the EC etched brass kit. 
Then, using some green stuff I filled in the markings inscribed into Loth's right shin. Only the smallest amount is needed so for those of you who want to convert one for our own armies keep that in mind. Once the green stuff had hardened I then glued one of the etched brass wreaths from the EC etched brass kit. A little hint when applying etched brass is to bend the brass as much and as close to the shape you want it as possible before applying, it makes life a whole lot easier I find.
From there I have simply magnetized his back to allow me the option of putting a jump pack on him and when wearing a normal back pack I've changed the one he came with for a regular MKIV pack.


Well that's it for now guys, watch this space for the next part of my Consul, I may have some friends to go with him! Thanks heaps for stopping by!





  1. Loth is probably the coolest non-30K Marine FW have put out - he is all class and has spawned many subtle conversions around the web to fit him into loads of armies.

  2. He is a perfect template for doing conversions! I cant wait to get some paint on him!