Saturday, 3 May 2014

Emperor's Children Legion Praetor WIP

Howdy all, Wadey here! So I've been plugging away and getting my Emperor's Children army ready for paint. Whilst prepping my Praetor I got to thinking about how I always run him gear wise versus how he is modelled and in turn, how this effects me with regards to WYSIWYG for tourneys.

I suppose I should start be explaining how I tool my Praetor...


- Paragon Blade
- Power Fist
- Iron Halo
- Digital Lasers
- Sonic Shrieker
- Jump Pack (Depending on list)

The problem I faced was that my Praetor although having paid the points for a Power Fist is not modelled with one.

After having a good look at the current model and my MKIV Power Weapon set I decided I'd have a crack at modelling my Praetor so he had both his Paragon Blade AND Power Fist. Now my first thought was to simply remove his pistol hand and replace it with a PF then just attach a holstered pistol to his belt... but that would be too easy! It then hit me, how ****ing tough would he look in the original pose but with dirty great PF resting on his sword!! That's when the fun began...

To start I CAREFULLY removed the existing hand. Using a sharp scalpel I removed the existing hand just forward of the elbow. I then removed the PF from its existing arm pretty well flush with the back of the fist. I then drilled and pinned them for a strong join when glued. Then I carefully and gently removed the old hand from the grip and guard of the sword with my snips and scalpel.

The process from there was simply to line the 3 pieces up for the best pose and use TINY bit of green stuff to close the join between the fist and the arm.

Well that's it for now, stay tuned for more on the Praetor and more of the mighty III Legion.



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