Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames Video: Snow Basing Tutorial

Hey guys, a quick video on using Secret Weapon's realistic snow to create snow effects.

We hope you like the video, if you do, let us know!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames Video: Iron Warriors Command Squad

Hey guys, here's the second video from AGIF. This time we are looking at Macca's Iron Warrior Command Squad. Hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames Video: The Tormentor

G'day folks, Macca here with the very first AGIF video! The video is on my Tormentor project. If you're curious, click the video below!

Well, that's all for now, please let me know what you think!


Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames: Highlights Of Our First Year

2014, what a year. The AGIF crew started out with just three hobos spread out across this wide continent. In the last year we have expanded to a group of 6 hobos, and not just that, but we have learned a lot, both about the hobby, and Wadey's deranged fetishes.

But that's neither here nor there.

To mark the first year of A Galaxy In Flames, we have compiled a group of our favorite posts. These posts range from purchases and musings, to Primarchs and even cosplay.

There is also a plan to do some photoshop work to place some of our miniatures into some scenic shots, here's a wip....

Macca got into photoshop again... still a better love story then 50 Shades....

So, some of our favorites:

-Working With Oils Part 1 and Part 2

-How to Magnetise Models

-Our favorite characters, Ezekyle Abaddon, Horus Lupercal, Fulgrim.

-Spraggy's Cosplay.

-The Tormentor

-Mechanicum Themed Imperial Knights

-Sons of Horus bases

-1000 points of Mechanicum

-Picking a Legion

-Armies on a Budget

Of course, there is a lot more on the blog (155 posts completed so far) to pick from, but these are some of our favorites. To this day, I'm still passionately in love with Keepy's Abaddon miniature. The posts featured are a mix, and were picked because what they do, they all do well, not because of the page views, or popularity as you might think.

For those of you who are curious where we come from, Keepy, Wadey, Brado, Spraggy and Toby all live just north of Poisonous Snakes, and Macca lives between Convicts and Giant Spiders.

It's Australia, get it?

So what a year. We are already well into the new one, and we are always trying to bring something new to the hobby and help new gamers wherever possible. This is a non-profit page, and as we have busy lives, we do struggle to find the time to make new content occasionally. If you have anything you want to talk about or discuss with us, our door is always open, so long as you fulfill one little itty bitty criteria:


This is Macca's personal gripe, please, don't keep messaging us to build your lists for you and tell you how things as simple as bolters work. We are here to help people who are struggling or who are confused, not to aid the lazy. We don't net-list. We aren't cheesy (ok, Dice Wizard aside), so we really aren't the people to help you here.

I'd also like to give a quick thanks to our friends and fellow bloggers. You know who you are, and you know we wouldn't have come as far as we have without you guys. Thank you all!

From all the team here at AGIF, good luck, and good gaming.

Now starts 2015!

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames Tutorial: Rebasing 25mm to 32mm

G'day all, Macca here with a tutorial and an update rolled together. Today we will be looking at rebasing our miniatures from 25mm plastic to 32mm plastic.

The idea today is that I will show you the simplest way to rebase, combined with some finished Iron Warriors, because... reasons?

Step 1:
To start with, I take a pair of clippers and cut the rim off from around the original base.

You should end up with a base like this, but you cannot and I must stress CANNOT just glue this to the new base. First, you have to remove all surface detail from the underside. This takes me to:

Step 2:
Place the miniature onto some large grit sandpaper, I chose P180. From here, you simply slide the base along, and within 10 strokes or so, the base will have smoothed out, leaving just a black smear of plastic on the sand paper.

Step 3:
Glue the 25mm cut outs directly to the 32mm bases. This is the easiest part of all.

Step 4:
Now, the fun part. As you'll notice, there is a noticeable rim left over. What you have to do here is blend it out. I used textured paint, in this case Vallejo Dark Earth, which comes in big tubs, thus meaning it doesn't dry out at a glance like GW's. I will note, that you can also use putty, or speck-filler products to even out the base.

I start in one area, and make sure to work my way around with a nice even coat. Don't be too picky, it's sand, and it should look natural.

So, with that done, that's how you rebase from 25mm to 32mm. I don't know who invented this approach originally, I do know that I used in on terminators when they went from 25mm to 40mm, however I was an inept hobbyist in those days, and failed to make such a clean joint. I'd share photos, but the quality of my miniatures back then is sorta like the Simpsons in season 1, it ain't pretty.

Now, some quick size comparisons.

Here are my Iron Havoks, the Autocannons on the right are only early in the painting process, but as they are an identical unit, for all intents and purposes, they work. First off, you'll notice that the unit footprint is HUGE now. Although I spaced the miniatures the same distance apart, the change is obvious. I can see this leading to some interesting situations with templates, with some positive AND negative situations.

Well, in the end, here's the finished result, with 2 HQ's, the command squad and Iron Havok squad one all rebased in the complete base scheme.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,


Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Iron Warrior Reinforcements

So, a quick update. I have finished building two tactical squads, in MK IV, as well as a new Consul.

Squad one. The Vexillia is actually pinned, with a steel rod replacing the resin one, as it's far too flimsy.

The same goes with squad two, I also used a few bits of plastic to embellish this squad, with an Auspex on the squad signaler, pointing Sergeant, and bionic eye Vexillia bearer.

The new HQ I created is both a Primus Medicae and a Master of Signals. I have kept him quite basic, with stock wargear. This is because I don't really care about the in-game performance.

The way I make my MoS is to combine a recon signal antenna with a signals pack. It looks very signally with the 3 antennae. The medic pack is just a regular plastic one.

I also have attached a small screen to his wrist, in much the same way as I attached one to the 'smart-bolter' on my Tyrant Terminator Siege Master.

So there you go, a short and succinct post. The bases used here are just temp until my plastic 32mm arrive.


Monday, 9 March 2015


Hello people of the wider universe we call the internet.  My name is Brado aka Dice Wizard and I have been invited to join the crew here at AGIF.  I have been hanging around a couple of members of the AGIF crew for a little while and have been mentioned in some of their posts mainly about lists and certain tactics I have used (jet bikes with librarian and medicare for one). I plan to bring my little bit of knowledge on how I use certain units and lists to get the most out of them, but first I guess a little about me.

I am a mad keen tabletop RPG player, at one stage I was playing 3 times a week just to get my fix.  Have been playing for over 10 years and have loved the many different experiences and situations I have been in.  Now I still play tabletop RPG and also 30k.  Keepy introduced me to the 30k universe with a proxy game.  That one game got me hooked on the rules, units and the fluff because who doesn't like a good story.  Since I had the RPG background I looked to the units that I thought are a stand out in the legion list and started to see what I believed to be a strong list for an up coming tournament.  This list was built around the White Scars way of fighting, so fast and fierce with plenty of fire power behind it.  So the research began into what units could do what and how they would all work together.  This has lead me to look into many other units strengths and weaknesses so that I could counter and or abuse them.

Currently I have moved on from marines and have started a Solar Auxilia army.  I haven't started even prepping what I have so keep an eye out, since I am going out of my way to learn some new painting techniques to see if it will make my current painting ability better.

So onto one of my favourite things and that is tactics for the different units out there for the legion list.

The first vehicle I am going to explain tactics and uses of is the humble rhino transports.  This tank is highly underrated in my area as it "always" gives first blood.  I don't believe that it "always" gives first blood because if they are used properly they should be an annoyance through most of the game.  So onto the first of many tactics I like to use with rhinos.

Rhino Tactic 1. Creeping/Moving Wall

While running 2 rhinos (even numbers work best with this strategy) you move them forward and use them as a portable wall for your infantry.  This was a tactic during 5th Ed I was told, didnt play so don't know, using the rhinos to go "butt to butt" and piling out your troops behind if needed.  If there is no cover for your rhinos while doing this is the early turns pop smoke in your shooting phase to give them a roll against attacks.  Remember this is now a safety blocker for your marines that have just popped out the back from many anti infantry guns, except barrage.

The next step in this Tactic is opening up, straight apart, the rhinos to allow your marines a clear shot at any infantry, if tactical, or even tanks with a support unit.  With the rhinos apart turn them both around to face each other.  Shoot the marines first then have both rhinos go flat out and close again giving your marines cover again.

You can also use the rhinos to creep up the table with marines out the back.  This is done very much in the same way as before, except that you move them forward 6" then have them face each other with the marines moving up to see between the gap and then once again flat out rhinos close.

This can also be adapted to protect your assault marines to get across the board without suffering too many casualties before they make close combat.

Rhino Tactic 2. Objective blocker.

Another use for your rhinos is to block off objectives.   Once again you are going to be using your rhino as cover for your marines.  Ideally you want to block off line of site to your marines holding an objective to give them a good staying power as well as cover on a side they don't have without it.

This tactic is very simple to setup as well.  First look at the layout of objectives and also how your opponent has deployed, this will govern where you set up the wall block.  Once you have selected an objective to take with your rhino squad I like to charge for it so that I can then bunker down and hold. I find most of the time if you use cover you can go 18" in a turn and be on an objective first turn.  With this objective held you can use the rest of your firepower to protect or remove the opponents forces so that the objective is too much of a nuisance to get.

An add on to this tactic is to allow your marines to shoot on your phase and have the rhino play as moving cover again.  This just means you will reverse your rhino to open a fire arc allow marines to fire then go flat out and form the blocker again.

Rhino Tactic 3. Hull down Tanks and Dreadnoughts.

This just uses the rhino to give your more dedicated shooting tanks a cover save using the rhino on the required side.  In some cases this removes one of the weapon system on the tank such as a Sicaran's heavy bolter.  Other tanks get the full benefit such as predator tanks since they are built on a rhino frame. This tactic can allow your tanks to get a mobile piece of cover to help them live longer but also can defend them from possible charges due to the rhino being on the required side.

These simple tactics can be of use to some and not to others.  Also these are only a few tactics I have used and learnt of the years.  There are also many others out there and if you have any that I haven't mentioned leave a comment and I will try my best to incorporate it into what series of tactics.

Also thanks to Wadey for a lend of the models and Keepy for use of his amazing table.

Cheers again guys,

Brado (Dice Wizard)

Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Iron Without: Tyrant Siege Terminators Part 2

So, part 2. This was a very fun project, which I literally smashed out in two afternoons. Normally I wouldn't paint so fast, but I was REALLY keen to get these guys done. They are only to a table-top standard, but I'm pretty happy anyway, and I can always go back and add some more details at a later date.

So, on with the show huh?

I have used the minotaur symbol again, on the left side of the Cyclones and on the right knee pad. The Minotaur guarded the Labyrinth of King Minos, now these Minotaurs guard Perturabo's. I also did quite a bit of chipping and weathering on the hazard stipes, as I think it suits them being more damaged as line troops.

Again, with markings I have the IVth Legion marking on the right hand side of the cyclone. The old decals I used for this did not apply as crisp as new ones, possibly as the material is thicker. In any case, it was a disappointment to me. I won't hide it because it is what it is.

Now, we get to the snow effects. The rock on this base is actually cork. I used the method which Toby highlighted in his tutorial to create them. Find that one here.

As for the snow effects themselves, I used some Secret Weapon products, and Mr Justin himself gave me a few pointers as I had not worked with this product before (props to him for taking the time to chat with a nobody when he is busy running a business). Overall, I'm VERY happy with the snow, as I want a slushy eve-of-spring look. His video tutorial on this effect can be found here, and the product itself here, for those who are curious. I do highly recommend this, as the results I got were easy to achieve and look pretty good for a first-time out.

Lastly, here's a pic of the Siege Master's 'smart bolter', representing his omni-scope. I do apologise for the dark photo, in person the screen is a grey-blue and the lines on it are near-white. As it's overcast here, I have failed spectacularly with my camera to capture the image. (Until my new macro lens arrives for my good camera in the next week or two.)

So, what do you think? Let me know if you like or dislike my 10-hour Tyrant painting efforts,


Thursday, 5 March 2015

The Iron Within: Tyrant Siege Terminators Part 1

Greetings folks! Macca here with an update on the Iron Warriors, but first, some quick info.

I'm moving! Yes, as my partner has got a new job, her and I are moving to sunny old Ballarat. This is where I chime in and say 'winter is coming'. As a result, I have had to downsize my far-too-large collection, and unfortunately, the Raven Guard have bit the bullet. They were one of the first posts to grace this blog, but they will now find a better home.

Well, anyway, no sooner did I sell those then I brought this next project! Oh, you can only imagine the kind words from my girlfriend when she found out. Needless to say, it ended well haha. Well, the original owner wanted to move ahead with another project, so I brought these off him.....

Ten brand new, freshly converted Cataphractii Terminators, complete with plastic cyclones. I had to spend the first hour or so on them just cleaning up mold lines and sprue attachment points, but overall, I'm super pleased with the purchase, as I had been procrastinating about this unit for a long time.

So, what was lacking? Well, a leader. A Sergeant. A siege master. Yes, the Tyrant Termies are led by a guy calling himself the siege master, in a rather subtle way. He is basically exactly the same loadout wise, but has split-fire thanks to an omniscope. The question was, how do I make a plain guy stand out?


I didn't want to remove the helmet, he's a terminator, and Iron Warriors are smart enough to cover up... mostly. Perhaps some plastic shields, or some chains? Sigh, sprue after sprue yielded nothing I was happy with. But then, I had an idea....

What if I took the look of my Iron Havok Sergeant and combined it with the terminator? Would I get some horrible amalgamation, or inspiration?

So what stands out about the sergeant? Ok, he has servo skulls, that's kinda mechanicumish, so that works, he also has an auspex, so that looks good too..... So using that basis, I added a servo skull, a bolter chain bayonet and the view-screen auspex off of the autocannon heavy weapon set to the top of his 'smart' bolter. Now I had the perfect leader. He looks like his men, but is a TINY bit more pimp.

So there you have it, 10 Tyrant Siege Terminators ready for basing.

Oh, and p.s. I finally have a basing scheme in mind, it utilises the basic steps from Toby's corkboard tutorial (here) combined with something of my own making (and no, it's not Wadey's tears)

So till next time,