Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Galaxy In Flames: Highlights Of Our First Year

2014, what a year. The AGIF crew started out with just three hobos spread out across this wide continent. In the last year we have expanded to a group of 6 hobos, and not just that, but we have learned a lot, both about the hobby, and Wadey's deranged fetishes.

But that's neither here nor there.

To mark the first year of A Galaxy In Flames, we have compiled a group of our favorite posts. These posts range from purchases and musings, to Primarchs and even cosplay.

There is also a plan to do some photoshop work to place some of our miniatures into some scenic shots, here's a wip....

Macca got into photoshop again... still a better love story then 50 Shades....

So, some of our favorites:

-Working With Oils Part 1 and Part 2

-How to Magnetise Models

-Our favorite characters, Ezekyle Abaddon, Horus Lupercal, Fulgrim.

-Spraggy's Cosplay.

-The Tormentor

-Mechanicum Themed Imperial Knights

-Sons of Horus bases

-1000 points of Mechanicum

-Picking a Legion

-Armies on a Budget

Of course, there is a lot more on the blog (155 posts completed so far) to pick from, but these are some of our favorites. To this day, I'm still passionately in love with Keepy's Abaddon miniature. The posts featured are a mix, and were picked because what they do, they all do well, not because of the page views, or popularity as you might think.

For those of you who are curious where we come from, Keepy, Wadey, Brado, Spraggy and Toby all live just north of Poisonous Snakes, and Macca lives between Convicts and Giant Spiders.

It's Australia, get it?

So what a year. We are already well into the new one, and we are always trying to bring something new to the hobby and help new gamers wherever possible. This is a non-profit page, and as we have busy lives, we do struggle to find the time to make new content occasionally. If you have anything you want to talk about or discuss with us, our door is always open, so long as you fulfill one little itty bitty criteria:


This is Macca's personal gripe, please, don't keep messaging us to build your lists for you and tell you how things as simple as bolters work. We are here to help people who are struggling or who are confused, not to aid the lazy. We don't net-list. We aren't cheesy (ok, Dice Wizard aside), so we really aren't the people to help you here.

I'd also like to give a quick thanks to our friends and fellow bloggers. You know who you are, and you know we wouldn't have come as far as we have without you guys. Thank you all!

From all the team here at AGIF, good luck, and good gaming.

Now starts 2015!


  1. Congrats guys on making the first year. It's a hurdle a lot of blogs fail to reach. Congrats again on the prodigious output. I may not have commented on every post you put up here or on the FB links but I do tend to read them. I've mentioned on FB you could work on your post scheduling so that each article gets its own time in the sun. Looking back over your highlight list I remember a fair few but some had slipped through the cracks.

    Again great job. Good to see more Aussie hobby content as I think we do bring a more laid back perspective to it than the Yanks seem too. Those fellows in the UK/continent may be closer to the source than we poor colonials but content wise you guys are putting out quality stuff of your own.

    Looking forward to another year lads.

  2. Keep up the good work! I usually check your blog every day to see if something new is up.