Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cool Stuff on Tanks.

Hi guys, Not a big thing to add today. I've been looking back over my tanks as I've been waiting between paint stages on other stuff and been thinking how much more "real life" kit vehicles of the legions would have on them. I'm pretty with legions being a larger and more supported war machine that such things like crew baggage and such would be less, though not totally absent.....but i got to thinking about other little details i could add aside from weathering that might add to the realness of tanks. Comms relays and aerials is one of the first that springs to my mind so i knocked up a few comms aerials to add to my vehicles. I magnetised them too to make transport simple and reduce the risk of snapping (even though they are made of flexi plastic)
a galaxy in flames
a galaxy in flames

What are some other "real life" details you'd expect to see on legion vehicles?

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The Spark of Heresy - Guest post by Deano

Good evening all,

Today we have a special guest post from a long time friend, Deano, who has done up a book review of the very first of the HH novels, Horus Rising. Although this novel has been out for a while, it ages well and this review still serves good for those looking to get into the heresy world - it will certainly leave a hook in and leave you for want of more. 



The Spark of Heresy

G'day all,

By way of introduction, my name is Deano and I share the uncontrollably rampant resin addiction that infects my fellow friends in the AGIF crew. I've been in the hobby on and off for 15 years now, my brother and I first going halves in a third edition 40k starter set a few weeks before the Sydney Olympics at the turn of the millennium. When you compare this to the preserved Space Crusade box sitting in Keepy's hobby cupboard and Spraggy's war stories of "genestealer cults" in the "Rogue Trader days," it goes without saying that I am betraying my age (mostly the sheer lack of it) in comparison to these long fanged (and tea addicted!) veterans.

However, my enthusiasm for the hobby was massively revived at the tail end of 5th edition. Throughout the process of moving to the far north in 2011 and integrating into the local hobby community, I individually met what would later become the AGIF crew, both past and present