Tuesday, 30 September 2014

III Legion Emperor's Children Part 2

Welcome back! Wadey here with the 2nd instalment of the III Legion Emperor's Children. I left you last time with every ones favourite Heavy Support choice, the Sicaran Battle Tank. Today we are going to have a look at the II Squad Tactical Marines and their Rhino Armoured Personnel Carrier.
All of the materials I have used for these models are outlined in my first post but for those who may have missed it or want a re hash here is the link: http://agalaxyinflames.blogspot.com.au/2014/09/iii-legion-emperor-children-part-1.html?m=1 

Let's start with the Tactical Squad. The idea behind this unit including Rhino is that their main role is almost that of a QRF or "Quick Reaction Force". The unit is tooled fairly basically with the SGT having a Bolt Pistol, Lightning Claw, Melta Bombs and a Sonic Shrieker. The Idea of this squad is that they can quickly jump on objectives, cross into enemy lines for a cheeky line breaker grab and also be able to lay down some support fire or help in close combat if need be. Given that EC can give their characters Sonic Shiekers for a cheeky 5 point Initiative bonus it only seemed right and brutal to equip my SGT with a Lightning Claw.

I decided on MkIV power armour for my Tactical squads as it was the main armour worn by EC during the Isstvan campaign. For this squad I assembled torsos and legs, shoulder pads and arms then back packs, rifles and finally heads and put each piece on to toothpicks. For the shoulder pads I used the proper EC shoulder pads for their left arms and then using the smaller Roman III from the EC etched brass kit I glued a III onto each blank right shoulder pad.

Once everything was glued and tooth picked it was time to paint. The whole unit was undercoated black then all with the airbrush, based with Xerxes Purple and highlighted with Genesteeler Purple.
I then used Mechanicum Grey for the soft joints in their armour and Gehenna Gold for the gold trim of their armour and any heraldry. I then used Leadbelcher for the pipes on their back packs and armour and also parts of their rifles. I did the SGT Lightning Claw in Caledor Blue and gave it a white dry brush. The same blue was used on the rear globe on the Nuncio Vox. I added Abbadon Black to their rifles and Caledor Blue to their eye sockets followed by white highlight. Finally using a fine tipped marker pen I drew II squad symbols on their right knees. Once all of the details were complete I sponged on some battle damage using Mechanicum grey base then Fortress grey highlight.

Once they were ready for gloss I popped them to the side so that I could work on their bases. Trying to keep with the Isstvan III theme and in particular the Precentors Palace I went with the "Ruined Temple" bases from our mates over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. These bases are amazing and suit the theme perfectly (so I think anyways).  In order to individualize my bases just a little I mixed up some different grades of sand and crushed rock and some of the small bricks by Juwella. I then randomly glued different amounts of the mix to each base. After the bases dried I pinned each one then I undercoated them black, then base coated them Mechanicum Grey, Heavy dry brushed with Fortress Grey the light dry brushed with Terminatus Stone (GW).

I then went through and glued everything together. Once all my models were glued together and on their bases it was time for gloss. After the whole lot was glossed I simply mixed up more black oil wash and applied to rivets, heraldry, pipes, grills and weapons.
After giving them 24 hours to dry (and a little more Destiny) I gave them all a hit with the Tamiya TS-80 flat coat. From there I glossed the Lightning Claw blades and the Nuncio vox globe then added some weathering powder to their legs and the rubble on the bases.

Next, their ride!

The Rhino was painted in basically identical fashion to the Sicaran save for a few minor differences. The first and foremost of those was the interior. Now I would dearly love to tell you all just what paints I used but there is one fatal flaw… I actually assembled it and painted it (the interior) over 12 months ago for my Lamenters 40k army and cannot for the life of me remember what colours I used.. sooooooooooo here are some pictures!

As you can see the rear hatch of the Rhino has been magnetized so that when it is derping about the battlefield trying not to get whaled by Keepys Castellax or Bradens… well everything, it doesn't keep popping open. With out going into huge detail and sounding like a broken record.. I mean Macca.. I mean repeating myself too much the build went like this; Assembled, etched brass glued to front under view ports, undercoat black, Xerxes purple base then Genesteeler Purple highlight, white panels, Gehenna Gold panels, trim and rivets, minor details on lenses, headlights etc then weapons and tracks..

It is at this stage I did differ a little from the Sicaran. As you will all remember from my first post I did the Sicaran tracks with Runefang Steel and a Dwarf Bronze dry brush. This time around I did the tracks along with the Bolters on top in Leadbelcher. Once they were all done I added some sponged battle damage. After glossing I washed all the important parts of the model inc rivets, Bolters, tracks and in between panels. Then after 24 hours of drying time I layed the flat coat down and added the brown weathering powder.

That's for now gang, will bring you more over the next few days. Thanks heaps for checking in, I'll back soon with more of the III Legion Emperor's Children for you guys!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Mechanicum Krios Venator and Thallax Test

Macca here with a tiny blog update.

Over the weekend, the chaps played in the 'Like a Sir' 30k Tournament. There are some great happy snaps and some videos floating around, go check them out over at the Traitors Hand here.

Anyway, whilst the lads were at that, 3200 KM away, I was busy working on this bad boy (as well as screaming at the fail-tacular Roosters and laughing at the Swans in the footy). Thus, the first complete unit has been built for my new Mechanicum side project. I'm not set on the colours or markings yet, but the theme is all about the survivors of Calleb Decima's small loyalist Mechanicum contingent. I wanted to stay away from the typical reds and metallics of the Mechanicum, and instead I have focused on a very worn and ashen colour scheme.

As well as the Krios, I also did a couple of Thallax up with multi-meltas, because, reasons.

That's all for now, check back soon as I believe Wadey actually has ANOTHER post to go up.

Friday, 26 September 2014

III Legion Emperor's Children Part 1

G'day fellow nerds and lovers of all things Heresy, Wadey here! Well the day has finally arrived that the mighty III Legion makes their way into AGIF history! I know many of you… well Keepy, Macca and a few of the other cretins I kick around with doubted this day would ever come but to those nay sayers I say NAY!

The arrival of the Emperor's Children on AGIF comes well timed as this coming weekend in sunny Townsville (home of AGIF and gateway to north Queensland, Australia) is the Warhammer 30,000 invitational dubbed "Like a Sir".
This 1000 point event is being hosted by AGIF and the lads over at The Traitors Hand and will be focused around fun and competitive gaming, delicious grown up beverages and subsequent jawing off and yelling at Braden for his bullshit ability to make saves… such a jerk!
Moving along, I felt what better way to introduce my Emperor's Children than to show you guys the army I am running, why I chose what I did and how I got them from zip lock bags to purple badassery!

I do not claim to be any sort of an authority when it comes to our beloved hobby, nor do I regard myself as having the same skill in painting as the other lads I blog with.. Truth be told although being an AGIF member right from the start I, along with you guys the readers, I have learnt so much from the boys as they have posted their tutes and hints and tips. I am however a VERY enthusiastic gamer and to have the opportunity to share my stuff with like minded people is why I'm here!

Here is a very basic overview of my list with details to come:
Legion Consul - Librarian
Tactical Squad - Foot
Tactical Squad - Rhino
Legion Rapier Laser Destroyers
Sicaran Battle Tank

I decided I wanted to theme my army around Isstvan III, that way I can run them as either Loyalist or Traitor. The following is a list of the main materials I used to get them from start to finish:
Squrits flat black spray paint
Xerxes Purple (GW)
Genesteeler Purple (GW)
Gehenna Gold (GW)
Leadbelcher (GW)
Mechanicum Grey (GW)
Fortress Grey (GW)
Abbadon Black (GW)
Runefang Steel (GW)
White (Vallejo)
Brown weathering powder (Humbrol)
Acrylic clear gloss spray (Tamiya)
Acrylic mat clear spray (Tamiya TS-80)
Black Oil based paint
Oil thinners

There are other colours I used a little here and there but I'll cover those as I talk about each unit.
I thought I'd come out swinging and thus will begin with my beloved Sicaran! These bad boys are worth every point and they hurt! They are tough as nails and smash face! I've tooled mine with a very basic load out.. This being due largely to point restrictions. I am simply running mine stock with the only upgrade being Heavy Bolter sponsons for 20 points.

For this legend I assembled the model fully and glued on some of the Emperor's Children etched brass as you can see on the front track guards, under the view port and also on the sides. I also magnetized the sponsons so that it can be run in both the Heavy Bolter and Lascannon configuration.

I undercoated black and with the trusty airbrush layed down Xerxes Purple as my basecoat. Also with the airbrush I highlighted it with Genesteeler Purple and then airbrushed the white panels on the front and sides. I used Gehenna gold to paint EVERY stinking rivet, the EC heraldry and also the trim around the view port.

The Accelerator Autocannon was painted with Leadbelcher and Gehenna gold and my Heavy Bolters were all painted with Abbadon Black and Leadbelcher with a touch of Wazdakka Red (GW) on the cables at the rear of the weapons. The tracks were painted using Runefang Steel then dry brushed with Dwarf Bronze (GW). The sensor globes were painted using Caledor Blue (GW) and Moot Green (GW) and Highlighted with white. After all the details were done I sponged on some battle damage using Mechanicum grey as a base then Fortress grey as a highlight. .

Once all the details were finished I sprayed the entire model with Tamiya clear gloss and let it fully dry. Then using the principles found in Maccas excellent oil wash tute I mixed up a black oil wash and went over the weapons, rivets, tracks, heraldry. I left the Sicaran for 24 hours (perfect time to play some Destiny!!!) then using Tamiya TS-80 mat clear coat I sprayed the whole model and got rid of that shine from the gloss. Then from there I simply gave it some weathering with the brown weathering powder and added gloss again to the sensor globes.

There you have it folks, the mighty III Legion Sicaran and the first of many posts following the journey of the proud sons of the Primarch Fulgrim. I hope you have enjoyed reading and if anyone has any questions or suggestions feel free to leave them here or PM on the AGIF Facebook page.
Cheers for stopping by,