Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Power Armour

Hi guys,

Spraggy here. Not to dilute the Warhammer 30K waters of keepy's blog with anything 40K, but I've been wanting to show my latest extravagant project off. Maybe actually sharing it on keepy's blog might help me to finish it off.

Now i am by no means a committed cosplayer, but i have always wanted to build my own suit of Astartes Armour. Not powered by any means like the fictional descriptions but nonetheless to scale and gimmicky enough to just simply be.......awesome.

The suit is being made out of roughly 12mm floor foam, the kind you buy cheap from bunnings, which is good because there is heaps required to make the suit. I've opted to build my suit just over 7 feet tall. Not quite the proper height for an Astartes but it will be tall enough to be imposing. I made this decision because i want to keep high dexterity with my hands, which meant i had to keep my arms in proportion with the height. any taller and my arms would look too much like T-rex paws.

The main reason for this is because of my custom designed bolter. As i intend the first version of the armour to be a sternguard veteren, my bolter had to be the shiz. To achieve this i'm using some tricky electronics in it to make it laser sighted with an electronic trigger with realistic .65 cal sound loud as i can get!! It will be scoped with removable magazine, electronic round counter(hopefully).....and cowbell.

Currently i have shaped and formed the curaiss and plackart. They are requiring an internal skeleton to be made so that it sits on my frame (it is cavernous inside!!). This will also allow me to attacth the other pieces to the body. Ive also built the base of the helm and started fitting it with electronics. Namely the lit eyepieces and the mic and speaker for the vox. Other fancy bits will be going in but are for another day.

Next on the agenda is to build the legs which will be stilted.....and huge.


  1. Haha awesome work Spraggy! Cant wait to see the souped up bolter! How are you going to do the legs? Will you be standing on stilts?

  2. Yep...stilts about 12" tall. I mat have to shorten them slightly and lower the abdomen section so i can get my knee as close to the knee joint as possible. That aim so i can manage some sort of quick jog and walk and look more nible and agile. A more unlikely goal is so i can kneel.....though i'm thinking i'll probably never do that as most of the awe of the suit will be from how it towers over mortals hahaha!

    I'm working on stilt design know that will incorporate an ankle joint or toe joint at least so it makes my walk look more natural.