Friday, 23 May 2014

Raven Guard Legion Heavy Support Squad 1.

Ah, finally, back to models. I have been busy working on my articles an Books 1, 2 and 3 from FW, as well as some Alpha Legion, but today sees a return to my Raven Guard...

Lets take a look at some Legion Heavy Support in the form of Devastators. I love these guys, and having everyone equipped with heavy weapons makes sense. As I don't get to touch MK III a lot with the Raven Guard, these guys were fun, as the trim allows me to add a little extra colour. I magnetised their weapons so I can swap between the two at any time, but I have to say, I am so happy with how the plasma turned out, I might just use them all the time. You decide.


I have softly blued the barrel tips with some Guilliman glaze, and the plasma are just three levels of drybrushing with white over the top. No airbrushing at all on these guys except for the light dusting on their feet/lower legs.


I haven't actually settled on a lens colour yet for the lascannons, so I am open to suggestions...

The Sgt was a fun extra bit. I wanted him to stand out, but without using a crested helm or a paint stripe, so I used the GW 40K Tac Squad 'Bane' face. Batman is screwed now! Also, I decided on a different plasma cannon, as if the Sgt has the more unique wargear, and the binoculars hint at him leading his troops and picking targets.

I used small black decals to apply numbers to the weapons (in this case, 3) so I can identify which weapons belong to which chap.

So there you have it,  Devastators in a nut shell. Hope you enjoy,



  1. Ya very good MACCA lazers and plazma is pretty stock good choice for heavy teams.

    Have you tutorials about regards your bases? They are very firm.

    Are you coming playing any European tournaments this Summer?

    1. Well, the problem with European tournaments is that I'm an Australian, so I can't afford to drop a couple of thousand Euros to go play in Europe. I play a couple here in Australia, but I try to avoid the tournament scene as it seems to turn most players into power gamers, even if they mean well.

      I don't really cover the bases in any tutorials, so I will do one for you soon.

  2. G'day mate, nice work the black is really bold and your decals are great.

    The only thing that irritates me about these guys is the dust on their feet is a different colour to their bases. But other than that, red hot attempt at devastators.


    1. The dust is the exact same colour as the drybrush on the base. The trick is that I am very lightly dusting it on, dust shouldn't be the same colour, it has to be lighter and 'tint' the existing armour. If you take a look at real dust, it doesn't obscure the panel underneath, it just changes it slightly, unless it's mud, in which case, it's its own weathering effect. If I were to coat the legs in a strong earth colour, it would look wrong, as the legs would look more like they had a Predator-style cloaking system!

      Thanks for your feedback Jaz, I hope this helps to explain why I made this stylistic choice.

    2. Yeah if you say so mate, you're the expert. It just looks like you might have not realised you left some blue paint in your airbrush and its tinted the paint?

    3. Haha, well, that would be problematic as I haven't airbrushed blue since I did some White Scar commissions, that was about 2 months ago... I'm no expert either, I'm just a guy who reads a lot and likes to share his opinion ;)