Friday, 9 May 2014

Raven Guard Scimitar Jetbikes and Contemptor Dreadnought

Ho ho ho, Merry Friday!

Macca here, showcasing this weeks work. Believe it or not, these models are from my Death Guard Legion, with the bikes repainted, and the dread converted.

On to the show.

I have given all the bikes a subtle lean by VERY carefully heating the flying stands to curve them. These stands are very brittle, and also, can melt, so be very careful if you attempt this at home. The Raven Guard jetbike picture from book III was my guide to these, and lucky for me, my previous Raven Guard forces used the same tones, so I was able to blend these bad boys in well, the only major change from the book being the single red trim shoulder pad.

On the underside, I used a light blue wash to create the afterburner effect on the engine tips.

Raaaarrrrggghhhh! Chainfist! I was not happy with the FW chainfist sculpt for the the contemptor. I t just looked lazy, and it's a real shame, since the guy who sculpted it has done almost every other weapon in the Horus Heresy range and nailed every one. So, I used the boltgun chain-bayonets as fingers, partly because it now IS a chainfist, but also, it almost looks like a shark side on, a possible nod to the Carcharadons of 40k, you never know...

(I'd also like to note, it's not my idea, I'm not the first guy to do this,all I did was pose it and paint it this way.)

 Again, a soft blue wash blended into the silver gives a real burnished metal look, like the material has been subjected to great heat and cooled again.

This is probably the last thing a group of traitor marines saw...

Arms off, and you can see the decals a little clearer. I filed away all the Death Guard iconography to turn this bad boy Raven Guard, and in the blank space on the chest, I applied the medium sized Raven decal. I love it, it's again, similar to the picture in book III of a Raven Guard dread.

On a side note, all of these guys are 100% HAND PAINTED, just to see if I still had it in me after painting quite a bit with the airbrush over the last 6 months. I'm pretty pleased with the result, especially with the burnished metals. Well, that's all for me, I have a 1500 point game tomorrow and I will try and get some happy snaps from it, no promises,

Lots of love, Macca


  1. Thats a nice idea for the Scimitars - I have a set that I wasn't sure what I would do with them basing wise when I finally start on my Heresy gear - with the wheeled bikes its easy enough to cant them over slightly. I think I'll use brass rod rather than plastiic flying stands though for that extra stremgth, particularly if I did end up going that bent over look.

    Again the chipping over the white is a great way to add flavour to what could have been a quite plain model. Once more that bronzed metal look suits perfectly - It would have benn good to see it carried over to the Dread.

    The new claw hand looks good - nice use of those chain attachments and a massive improvement over the FW one - not sure what they were thinking - definitely one that should have been rethought at design stage.

    Finally, the blue is a nice touch - very very subtle, but once you notice it, it makes perfect sense that's its there without being oversold. Also a nice re-purposing of the Deathguard model.

    1. Cheers mate. Yeah, I probably should have gone for rod, but as I already had the flier stands I sorta was limited. I didn't use the brass on the dread only as the picture in HH book III was silver. I tried to cheat it a little by slightly bronzing all the silver running gear, like the arm, leg and hip joints. I also added touches of white, but they blend into the black due to the lighting! The only thing I cant decide on is how I am going to do the screens, for now I have just a green outline, so if you have any ideas, I wouldn't mind hearing them!

      ...yes, any hand is an improvement in the FW one...