Sunday, 11 May 2014

Raven Guard Commanders

G'day all, Macca here with a "by request" post.

I recently showed the full Legion assembled together and was asked if I could show the individual commanders. So, as I aim to please (everyone except Keepy, the jerk), here they are:

Alvarex Maun, you can find out how I did this guy here.

Terran-born Commander, with a home-made shield. I built it as I didn't like the existing ones and wanted something more slab sided and breacher siege shield like.It's also worth noting he was the first true model painted for the army, so a lot more technique was developed just from working on him. Side note, the shield is magnetised at the wrist joint, I can put any ranged weapon or CC weapon I like on that left hand.

Strike Captain Aggapito,one of the Dropsite Survivors, I use him as a Praetor for most games.

A Praetor OR Consul, with twin Ravens Talons. The claws are converted from 40k Warp Talon ones, as when I built him, the 'finger nails' type claws weren't for sale.

Legion Champion, possibly the famous Sharrowkyn.... we'll never know....

Legion Chaplain, an early attempt at a chaplain, this guy isn't used post-Istvaan, because all of the chaplains were killed...

Legion Librarian, Pre-Nikea, or a while into the Heresy, I have him in the list, but I am not likely to use him very often. At first, he was THE go-to guy, but since Alvarex Maun has been so insanely good, I think I'd like to add either a Master of Signals or a Deep-Strike capable Praetor/Consul to give some more edge to the list. Side note, his pack is magnetic and I can give him a jump pack instead.

So there they are, I have a Master of Signals, Vigilator and a very special Moriat on the way, as well as some more RG infantry, so I guess my next post will feature the infantry, at a guess.

Hope to see you all next time, Macca


  1. Great stuff all round but that Terran Born in Termie with custom shield and 'Aggapito' are my favs.

    You've got quite the range to choose from in play terms.

    1. I sure have a lot to pick from, and I am only adding more! I love the Terran too, when I have the coin, I will be making a full squad of Deliverer terminators to go with him. I am also going to get Tyberus the Red Wake, as he would make a cool Praetor in his own right, and it isn't such a stretch. For all we know, he is the former Legion Master sent away on a shadow crusade by Corax...