Sunday, 4 May 2014

Strike Captain Alvarex Maun: Part 2

G'day all, Macca here with the complete Strike Captain Alvarex Maun. I chose to keep him relatively subdued, with the same dark blacks and reds I have used across the army. I also used bronze as my metallic primary, with the rivets and parts of his pack painted in it as it was more interesting to see then silver. The black raven is a decal applied over the hand painted white stripe (many layers, I think 4 in the end of Tamiya White...), and a small raven in white on the front. Finally, the skin was a mix of old Elf Flesh and Tamiya White, with Tamiya flat black for the eyes (which still look weird as they are solid black, but hey, when in Raven Guard Rome...).

I also decided it would be fun to build a scenic base for him, as all of the other Forge World special characters have a cool extra-bases. I decided that I would stick with the theme I have established with the rest of the Raven Guard, fighting amongst the cliffs and ravines on the path to the salt flats. With that in mind, I used a few rocks, some spare bits of MK III power armour and a chunk of green stuff to make it. (pictures of the WIP base at the end of this thread.) Iron Warriors happened to be the chaps I picked as the dead, as the Raven Guard did take out just about the entire Iron Warrior presence in Istvaan V.

Hand painting Roman Numerals, always fun.

And the work in progress display base.

So, there you have it, one Raven Guard special character, I hope you enjoy, Macca


  1. Nice one Macca - I reckon the bronze was a good choice - if you'd gone silver it would have come across too Iron Handsy - even with the Raven logo.

    I think the chipping over the white armour stripe is one of the simplest but most effective looks you can get away with on black miniatures.

    Top stuff as always - but one point for you and the other blog admins - work your post spacing out better - you are posting 2 or 3 posts too close together and unless I am camped on Facebook - the previous posts fail to register on the blog feed - you guys seem to go feast or famine with the posts - which is awesome content wise, but could do better to ensure each post gets its time to shine.

    1. Cheers mate. It was a spur of the moment choice, given that I have a decent game coming up this weekend, I thought it would be fun to try out Alvarex. The colours are always the hardest part of any paint job, as you know, because even if you paint a GW special, (aka, 10,000 highlights because that impresses people more then weathering), if you get the colours wrong, you're shot in the foot from day one.

      Yeah, we know all about the spacing issue, and it often comes up for debate. Basically, I post most of the content as I have the most hobby on at the moment, whilst Wadey has just gotten home after a long time away, and Keepy is busy with other things. Our basic goal is to get the content up, so that even if people miss it, it is there and just a click away. Yes, you're 100% right, and we are very aware. As always, loving the feedback mate!

    2. You can throw it up as often as you like mate - its all been great content so far.

      And you boys be sure to look after yourselves when your off on a ramble.

    3. That we do mate! I have a post scheduled for 9am tomorrow which features the entire Raven Guard force so far, just because a few people have asked.

  2. Love your basing scheme.

    How many points of Ravenguard do you possess?

    1. That's a good question, so,

      I possess 1 Librarian, 1 Chaplain, 1 Company Champion, 3 different praetors, Alvarex Maun, A contemptor, 20x Jump Pack Destroyers, 30 tactical marines, 10 breachers, 5 recon marines, 2 whirlwinds, 1 sicarian, 1 drop pod, 3 scimitar jetbikes, 1 drop pod, 2 storm eagles...

      I would hazard a guess around the 3000 point range, give or take. I could use more storm eagles...