Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Mechanicum 1000pts - Completed!

Gday all,

Keepy here again this time with the final instalment of the Mechanicum 1000pt army saga. The army was actually completed last weekend and competed in the The Emperor's Legions tournament, and it managed to win first place overall and will the title of "Lord of War"!

Really happy with how these guys turned out. I used some Iron Hands transfers to get the Mechanicum symbols on the red shoulder pad and on the right, I have used an alternate Sons of Horus icon to indicate their allegiance to the Warmaster.

So to photos!

The first Castellax Battle-Automata off the production line

A maniple of Castellax Battle-Automata with Mauler pattern Bolt Cannons and Flamers

Castellax Battle-Automata maniple with Darkfire cannons, Enhanced Targetting Arrays and gauntlet Boltguns

The 1000pts Mechanicum force in its entirety, finished at last!

Castellax Battle-Automata with Darkfire Cannon and Boltguns

The Mechanicum army making a show at the "Emperor's Legions" tournament in Brisbane

Close up of the Thallax Cohort

Action shot of the Castellax Battle-Automata with Mauler Bolt Cannons about to go into battle

I had a couple of pro photos done by Troy Schmidt at the Emperor's Legions tournament as well:

Castellax with Flamers in a photoshopped 3D effect

Magos Dominos, probably the only good photo I have of him!
Close up of a Thallax

The whole gang
 And now my pathetic attempts at over-exposed photography!

Well I hope you enjoyed this pic heavy post with the completed Mechanicum army, I have some more posts with battle reports from the recent Emperor's Legions Tournament coming soon.

As always your comments and criticisms are welcome.




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  1. That's really cool. I think you can be proud of yourself :)

    1. Cheers Palakir! Thanks for taking the time to have a look and comment.

  2. The big lads are imposing but those Thallax really sell the army to my mind.

    Great stuff Keepy.

    1. Thanks mate, pleasure to have you drop by again.

      Agreed, the Thallax are probably my favourite models. I wont be building anymore Castellax, save a Paragon of Metal, and when I expand it will be with more Thallax and probably some Tech Thralls (the guardsman looking dudes).

      Mechanicum is set to get a ton of new stuff in Book III, so Forge World will probably fleece my pockets again in the coming months!

  3. Hells yeah they look awesome. I love the Darkfire Cannons, such a simple and striking conversion!

    In the new list they've moved Castellax to 'non compulsory core' so that might settle people down a bit!

    There's a 2500pt Heresy tournament in Brisbane at the GW Battlebunker in June if you're interested! I'm painting up an Ordo Reductor Shadowsword especially for it... :)

    1. Thanks mate, I am still laughing at our game where robots turned each other into scrap!

      Good call with the Castellax move, I think that will discourage abuse. In saying that, if you wanted to take 10-12 in a 1000pt list you probably could... not that anyone would.

      I heard about the 2500pt tourney and will have to get my arse into gear and get painting if I want any part of it, I need another 1500pts done, stat!

  4. Keepy

    Love your mechanicum list, in my mind the mechanicus are the second coolest facion in 40k/30k. (Biased view really as i work in the sciences.

    looking the build a 100pts Alpha Legion Army (my personal favourites) and want to try a Castellax instead of taking a Contemptor. Could you give me a clue as to how you went about building your stunning darkfire cannons.

    Dont suppose you know how well the two (Contemptor and Castellax) compare in game terms. Hasve the sdtats but they never tell the full story.



    1. Excuse my poor typing. What i meant to say was 1000Pts.

    2. Gday Matt, Thanks for the kudos! Sorry for the delay in reply.

      Alpha legion coupled with some Mechanicum allies would make a solid 1k list, if you have a Forge Lord as you HQ equip him with a cortex controller and you get a detachment of either Castellax or Thallax as an elites choice without having to go thru the allies route.

      The Darkfires were made by simply butchering an Imperial Guard Lascannon and adding a targeter from one of the emplaced weapons sets (Icarus lascannon I think?). I briefly cover it here: http://agalaxyinflames.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/mechanicum-wip-1.html

      As for the Contemptor vs Castellax, I have only ever fought one in CC, and it was two against one (favoring mechanicum). In 6th if you got the charge off, you got 3x Smash attacks at Str 10 that could reroll to pen, with two Castellax I averaged 3 hits out of 6 attacks, and managed a pen on every single one. But not before the contemptor finished off my third Castellax with 3x Str 10 DCCW attacks. They each have very different functions, but point for point and Castellax being MCs get the upper hand.

      Hope this helps!


  5. How did you do the numerals and Mechanicum shoulder cog?

    1. Hi Alex, Sorry for the slow reply. The numerals are from the FW Sons of Horus transfer sheet and the Mechanicum cogs are from the FW Iron Hands transfer sheet.