Sunday, 13 April 2014

Bases for the World Eaters side project.

Another little quickie here,

I am in the process of creating a small unit of Khorne Bezerkers, using their 40k components combined with the 30k parts in order to create more realistic looking followers of the Blood God. I have a personal hatred of the entire chaos space marine range in 40k, because the sculpts are all about marines wearing MK VI and VII power armour, with gold trim, it's just lazy and doesn't suit the fluff. The occasional bit of scavenged power armour is fine, but I think they should incorporate more earlier MK's of armour into the range and that is my goal, MK II, III and IV combined with a few other accessories.

Anyway, that aside, I have created these bases for them, with the Alien Infestation bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures combined with their range of etch-brass barbed wire and spent shell casings. The how-to on this has been explained earlier by Mick here.

I have chosen similar colours to the other bases we have worked on, as I love the idea of World Eaters running down the street Stalingrad style. The infestation on the bases has been picked out in bright green shades to really contrast with the grey base and the red of the yet-to-be-done bezerkers.

If you like what I have to say, let me know, if not, send all your hate mail to Wadey,

Lots of love, Macca


  1. Looks good Macca - though I do worry that green may clash slightly with the World Eaters red going by the Khorne-dicator you posted earlier.

    1. I like that you bring that up. Between you and I, and anyone who actually reads my posts, I had several choices I could have picked from, specifically purple. I chose to go with the green as it harks back to the mid 90's GW of Goblin Green bases with no flock. It's the chaos I grew up with, and it's a subtle hint and nod to it, like in the movies. I don't know that I will pull it off, and it will probably be garish, but hey, if I need to repaint them, in time, I will.