Tuesday, 26 May 2015

A New Video & A New Logo!

G'day folks, Macca here with some announcements! First up, we have a new logo! I think it's pretty sweet, but I had a hand in designing it, so of course I'd think that. Not only this, but we have a new video format, which is similar but different to our old one, with the new intro showing the galaxy dissolving into chaos and flames. Perfect!

Here is the video for today, in case you were wondering ;)

Also, for Australian and New Zealand (New Zillund Bro), don't forget that we are organising a hobby Masterclass in Sydney featuring ex-Forge World painter Matthew Kane, the details are on Facebook, and can be found on this event page here.

So that about wraps up today, I hope you all enjoy the changes and all the exciting things going on in 30k in Australia right now. Lastly, a quick shout out to our mates over at the Eye of Horus podcast, I will definitely be your Mac at Inferno III!


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