Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Dice Wizard looks at AK Interactive Products Part 1

Hello Dice Wizard, 

I wanted to talk to you guys about a product line that is relatively new to Australian market in the world of hobby AK Interactive.  I must say the product line is what caught my eye to begin with, there are paints, pigments, metallics, enamels, bags and even an energy drink. So it intrigued me to see what these products were about and what they offered outside of the brands I normally use.  

I was blown away by how good the brush and airbrush range of paints went onto a model.  I put the paint straight into the pot of my airbrush and it was like magic, very nice coverage and colour.  I used the Panzer Grey Modulation Set and a few enamel washes/effects as seen in the picture below for the end effect on the model.  

The Panzer Grey Modulation Set comes with a few instructions on the back of the packaging, but for me it wasn't enough. I started looking around and found something really handy, the AK Interactive App for my android.  This App had tutorials and books that helped me try out the techniques you see on the model.  This resource is now my go to for learning new techniques or to compare what I have done and improve. 

The mud effects pack is just great for creating that feel of driving through thick mud and coming out the other side with it still sticking to your vehicle.  It was great fun using it as well since it was my first time doing weathering that way.  The pack comes with the correct grain size plaster to mix with the enamels and pigments given in the pack, which is terrific since it can be hard to find the correct grain plaster for the scale of model your painting.

Finally the enamel washes/effects that I used were amazing.  They just flowed how you want them to flow to help create the effect your looking for.  I used mainly the light rust effect, slim grime light and dark on the model with some fuel stains.  Just to give the model a look of being used for prolonged periods of time outside.

That's it from me I'm now going to play with the other AK products I have and I'll be back with more for you soon.

Just a couple more pictures.


  1. That is some next level shit for effects dude

    1. Cheers mate. Been wanting to try it out for ages and finally got a chance to sit down and crack it out.