Sunday, 12 June 2016

Rebuilding a Legion - Part 1 "Starting Fresh"

Howdy all, Felix here with a well overdue post. Not only has it been so long since my last post that I've managed to have another child in the meantime, but a bunch of the other AGIF guys have been flat out in hobby Valhalla the past few months flexing some new found hobby prowess that will, hopefully, start interweb beaming into your eye-holes in the comming days and weeks!

To make up for the lack of content specifically delivered by me however, I figured I'd start a Legion Hobby Journal, something that I had been planning to do on AGIF for well over a year now, chronicling the rise of my collection of painted XIII.
Days, weeks and months rolled on, with many a mini painted but not a single post made!

"So, why not just post some pictures now Felix" I hear you ask?
Well, voice inside my head, that's because the 6000-7000pts of Ultramarines I built up over the past two years or so has moved onto a new owner, so there's not much there to take pictures of!

Well, except a parting image I took. "Goodnight, Sweet Prince..."

My motives for selling the army were pretty straight forward. Despite the army looking pretty good on the table, I had the fortune to hit up the MKA class in Sydney, Australia earlier in the year and it made me really feel like I could do so much more than I had achieved already and, rather than strip and repaint, I opted to start from scratch (a decision I've both relished and regretted over the past few months).

Now here I am, with part 1 of my hobby journal showcasing me rebuilding my XIII from scratch, a project I hope ends up with lots of cool minis.

Firstly, I want to show off a comparison pic, to showcase where my skills where and now are since attending an MKA course,
Go easy on me, I'm terrible at taking pictures of minis (something I hope to fix with regular hobby posts), but here's one of my old rhinos idling her engines next to my new effort, lovingly nicknamed the "Police Cruiser";

The difference is, in my honest opinion, staggering. I'll point out that both of these tanks were painted with an airbrush, but the changes in techniques make such a huuuuuge difference. It's amazing what 4 days of straight tutoring can accomplish!

Aside from the rhino, which was painted during the course itself, I've had a bunch of models on my hobby desk in varying states of progress on my desk and I honestly can't wait to post some pictures of WiPs and completed kits soon, but I'll keep things reletively succinct for now and finish up with a couple of pics of where I'm at.

The legion's ancients thirst for vengeance, and product placement... 
A glamour shot of the police cruiser, taken by Andy Wardle, a much better painter and photographer than I!

Twin Fist is probably my favourite model I've worked on to date.
That's all for now, though there's more to come soon.
Please leave C&C, tips, suggestions and any other thoughts you might have below, especially ones related to taking better images that don't involve my grubby keyboard!

Until next time,

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  1. Nice work dude. A little insight and tuition can lead to great things in hobby skill. I know i've been where you are a couple of times.