Thursday, 2 August 2018

Returning to the Heresy, dressed in blue.

Hello readers, Felix here! It's been some time since the last update on here hasn't it?
It's been so long in fact, it seems like the dust may have settled over a war-torn and ruined galaxy over the years, at least to me.
My personal hobby drive evaporated at the beginning of 2017 and I honestly barely picked up the brush (both air and bristled) aside from small token forces for other games, my skills dwindling in the process which only served to make me more hesitant to knock up another mighty legion in the service of the Emperor again.
However, I have been amazed with the amazing work being produced by the heresy community as a whole. Amazing conversions, events and a steadily increasing level of amazing paint on armies that has served as a constant reminder of what it is I love about Heresy as both a game and a hobby.
So here, nearly two years after my last heresy game, I want to step back into the community for the game I honestly love so much!

With renewed interest, the galaxy may plunge into flames again!

There's been a bunch of hobby, discussion and planning behind the scenes at AGIF for a while now and, among other things, it's really served to inspire me to pick up the brush again.
I actually repurchased a number of models I sold years ago, models I painted when I first got into heresy, desperate to have *something* with which to game with I picked the models up and was legitimately reminded of the enthusiasm I had for the game back then, where my love of rolling dice far exceeded my love of painting and cleaning up resin!

So after playing an awesome 2v2 game (alongside Tim from the EoH podcast!) and really sealing in the desire to stick it out with heresy again, I began to sink my teeth into repainting the army to a standard I feel I can achieve now.
As a humorous note, this means I'll be painting an Ultramarines army for the 4th(!) time since I got into 30k.

Progress hasn't been lightning fast as my painting and prep time is precious and hard to come by, but I've been actively inspired by the work of prominent painters like Mat Kane and Andy Wardle, and I feel like my current approach
is largely thanks to them

WiP of new UM Praetor. I'm sorry I stole your Homework Mat, but your shit is just awesome!

So before I ramble on for too much logner, I've managed to start repainting some tacticals, some rhinos and even thrown some paint on a Spartan over the past week, as well as throwing together a superheavy, some suzerain and knocking together the new praetor pictured above.
I'm happy to confirm that, holy shit I am loving working on power armoured loyalists in the age of darkness again.
Expect some battle reports from me soon and hopefully I'll remember to take more WiP shots of the army as it progresses this time!



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