Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Rekindling the Flame

its been a while. A long while for all of us here at AGIF. Life has a way of keeping things moving and changing and it's taken me away from talking about, working on and playing the hobby i love so much.....but here i am, returned and keen again to immerse myself in the Horus Heresy anew.

In the time that has passed, I've tinkered away with my beloved VIIth legion, but a few other projects have snuck thier way onto the radar.

First my collection of black shields. An ad hoc collection of astartes from the traitor legions who have remained loyal, Istvaan V survivors, emissaries and forgotten soldiers who have been picked up.

And second, a small centurion style Raven Guard force.

I will show more of these projects in the coming weeks as well as delve more into the discussions and thoughts of the Horusy Heresy as book 8 gets released.

~ Spraggy

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