Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Galaxy In Flames Tutorial: Magnets 2.

Every so often, I like to cover old ground, because either people miss out on a tutorial or we we want to show something different. Hi, Macca here, and today I am going to show you another way of magnetising your miniatures.

To start with, I have laid out all my bits, from left to right: Tweezers, magnet stick, pre-done jump pack, magnets, metal Librarian, new pack, stupid glue.

The Magnet Stick

So, the Magnet Stick. I didn't invent this. Truth be told, I have no clue who did, but I have used this for a while now, and thought I'd show the AGIF followers. The idea is simple, the magnets are attached at each end, with a different polarity facing AWAY from the stick. This means that any magnets stuck to one will stick to the opposite side of the other end. I use the end with the two black stripes for items attaching to bodies, and the other end for bodies themselves.

To make it, I simply used a 3mm magnet, and stuck one onto each end of a cut-down cotton bud. This is a very low-tech way to ensure you place all magnets the correct way into a miniature.


When drilling your holes, there are a couple of ways you can do it. As a tradesman, I will sometimes tape my drill bit, as I know I have reached the correct depth when the tape touches the miniature. In this instance, I have just 'eyed it' (10 years in my trade, I assure you, my MK I eyeball is pretty damn accurate). The drill used this time out is a power drill, because a pin-drill and a metal miniature means 20 minutes of dicking around.

Now, I drop a magnet onto the white end of the stick. It self-orientates, and I apply a droplet of stupid glue before placing it into the miniature.

At this point, you should be able to have your parts on each end of the magnet stick. Fancy.

Now, I repeat the process, but with the opposite end of the stick. Simple stuff really. Finally, I try all the packs on, admire my handy work, treat myself to a beer and wait for the V8's to come on TV.

I hope you got something out of this, I did, I get beer.



  1. where do you get your magnets from. as a fellow aussie i can never find them

    1. I buy them via the Combat Company mate.

  2. I will be making myself a magnet stick!

  3. I just have all my magnets in one big stick made out of magnets, with a spare magnetised head on one end to remind me of the polarity i use on all my models (it used to be a carnifex head, currently it's a robed dark angel head in mechanicus red), a bit lazy perhaps but it has stopped me getting muddled up as to which way is top/down or front/back, and i have a spare tyranid arm handy when i'm doing horizontal magnets..