Thursday, 23 October 2014

Armies on Parade 2014: Macca

Well, it took me long enough, but here it is, my Armies on Parade entry for 2014. Most people don't show theirs prior to the competition, but for me, winning or losing doesn't matter, as it's a competition based on the votes of the friends and family of those involved. That said, winning feels good, and if I do make the finals, do feel free to vote for me!

The basic board is a Forge World realm of battle board, with a custom built crane (that was a b%&ch) and manufactorum complex. The theme is a small mechanicum force patrolling down the streets, which is ironic as the force is mostly very big guys.

The Krios Tank and Paladin Knight impose.

Custom crane: such a nightmare.

Of course all 3 Knights have the cockpits I kitbashed and installed, which will display on the day.

So that's that. Please wish me luck on Saturday, as I don't have many friends or family, which limits the people voting for me!



  1. Thats a cracking effort mate - the Crane being a standout - it was the first thing after the Knights to jump out at me.

    The one criticism I can levy is that the Krios and Tahllax don't visually blend with the force as they have no red on them. The knights dominate the board with their red, the LR is red as with the priest and his servitors. The you get the grey Thallax and Krios - as they are small they really do look they were thrown on to fill out the space, but then it throws out the whole board.

    Otherwise, paint and execution look right on - its a shame GW went to facebook like style voting. I remember when my local before it closed ran a panel with the Manager and his two full timers casting the votes. Then it was down to technical capability rather then who had the most facebook friends.

    1. Its funny you say that! I actually have red models painted up, however, there was so much red, it became rather boring to look at. I had built some 'bodyguards' for the Tech Priest, using marine shotgun scouts with the enviro-helm Cadian heads, and they were simply too red, despite looking cool.

      Thus I decided that the Knights and anyone looking after them directly would be red, as would the Tech Priest, and I swapped minis out and put the grey mechanicum in for some real contrast, for better or worse. I am really glad you brought that up tho!

      It is a shame how the voting works, and I know it will work against me as I am not a regular in this store, nor do I ever shy away from voicing my opinion which won't help me either. It is a shame to see a less then average board take the gold, BUT I like to think I stand a fighting chance. Thanks for the kind words mate.

  2. That crane is great. What went into it? It sounds like it was a bit of a struggle though...

    1. The majority of the crane is Warhammer Fantasy Movement Tray frames, there are spare tank tracks off a Baneblade, internal panels off a Storm Raven, the hull of a Dark Angels Flier, cut down to be thinner, and spare landing pads off a Storm Raven.

    2. Great work!
      While the crane was clearly a ton of work the result is brilliant!