Sunday, 15 February 2015

MK III Iron Warrior Destroyers

G'day folks, Macca here with some more Iron Warriors! This time out we have some gentle kitbashing: MK III Destroyers. I am pleased with them for the most part, the black Torso, helm and top of their packs, complemented by the yellow in the corner of their pauldrons is a catchy scheme. I can't seem to take a photo today without glare, and my good camera doesn't have the correct lens at the moment to properly capture the scheme. As a result, everything sorta blends towards a silver tone.

Bah. Pish Posh.

Anyway, here's the unit:

If the Moriat is the Alpha, then these guys are the Omega. No jokes from the Alpha Legion please, you closet loyalists.

Just for fun, I added my Moriat to the photos, complete with his volkites.

There are a few things I might have done better. They would have been nicer had I done my original plan and gone with the Death Guard torsos and possibly Iron Hands helms. Markings wise, I could have gone with the Destroyer symbol, that rip-off nuclear/bio-hazard one. But, in the end, I am pleased, you can tell these guys are different to regular marines, so all is well.

Now, to get back to the important things in my life, such as guarding the Bee.

Crap. It's getting away! Aw, we did bad!


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