Saturday, 20 June 2015

Forge World Metallic Airbrush Paint Set: Quick Review

G'day guys, Macca here. Tonight I want to take a really quick look at these new paints. I had several arrive last week (to be honest, this very bundle), along with a bunch of Minitaire and GW paints, so I will launch into a quick two cents on them. (Note: I only tested the metallic paint range)

So, I primarily used Iron Hands steel, as I have been working on my Iron Warriors and it's a close enough match to the Tamiya Titanium Silver I have been using. Overall, I liked it as it was easy to use and was a very clear colour, and I was able to paint a Deredeo, 3 Rapiers and 5 Vorax with them no dramas whatsoever.

As I also painted my new Sector Imperialis table, I used the Thallax gold in some places on my large aquillas. It's a good colour, however it simply wasn't lasting for that job, and I chose to use Minitaire instead to finish that particular job. This leads me to my next section:

Pros and Cons

-solid colour, the metallic particles don't separate leaving you with that horrible clear filler liquid
-colours are pretty well matched to their assigned jobs (Grey Knight Silver suits Grey Knights funny enough)

-not a dropper bottle, which f#%king sucks
-price. This is a big one, as you can get more for less from pretty much any other airbrush brand in regular usage, such as Vallejo Air, AK Air, Minitaire etc.
-no noticiable improvement over Vallejo Air or AK

General Thoughts

I think these are really good paints. I also think they are price gouging you for what they deliver, as the pros are pretty much covered by other brands, brands that don't have the negatives. Sure, it's really convinient to buy Emperors Children Purple, rather than try and match the purple of other brands, however, for the price of this set of just 5 paints, I brought 10 Minitaire paints from badger at 30mL each. You do the math, and that's 300mL of airbrush paint for the same cost as 100mL from Forge World. Yuck.

Now, the prices may be better in the UK and offer a more favourable comparison, however here in Australia, I find myself seeing zero advantage to them.

Lastly, don't buy their airbrush cleaner, don't buy their thinners, because I can buy 250mL of each at Toyworld here in Australia for $11.99 each, which, again, is roughly half the price of Forge World and I also don't have to pay to ship them. Oh, and no, I did not test these products, but I don't think they are going to offer much of an improvement over Tamiya, AK, Vallejo etc. as they are all paint manufacturers and they all make great paints.

Verdict/ TLDR:

Great paint, but other people do the same product for cheaper. I favour no particular brand, I like what works for me, so this is entirely subjective, but if you have ever used Vallejo Air, these paints are almost identical.


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