Friday, 24 July 2015

Perturabo: The Lord of Iron, The Hammer of Olympia, Master of the IVth Legion

G'day, it's been a while in-between drinks here at AGIF, but today I just finished my Perturabo model (which arrived yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, I was REALLY keen to get him done).

The Family

Can you say "daddy issues"?

Ok, point to note here, I magnetised both hand options for Perturabo, but I sunk both magnets deep into the forearm of Perturabo, rather than drill into the hands and risk damaging them. This of course is because Perturabo can take Foregebreaker optionally, however his girly arms mean that he cannot strike with it at initiative like Ferrus. (Even tho Perturabo is fuck-huge compared to all the other Primarchs released so far, Lorgar is like chest high on this guy. Morale of the story: all show and no-go.)

The base is very basic dull tones, light blues and soft greys and bones defined it, as well a splenty of rust-orange weathering powder from Secret Weapon.

The base of course comes in a fuckzillion parts. I have decided that Forge World's sculptors are starting to go insane from being locked up in a resin sweat shop cranking out minis, and the bases are showing the edge of reason. Comparing Perturabo's base to Angron, I can't help but feel that if Angron was released today, his base would be 54mm tall and made up of 40 dead marines. Which is fine.... in any case, every part of the base is magnetised so that it won't fall apart on my shelf.

Lucky thing to note, the magnet in his hand was able to adhere to a hidden one on the base. This means I have a place to keep the hand, and thanks to the location, nobody will probably notice it.

Oh, I also took some quick snaps of Perturabo with the Tormentor. "Yo dawg, we gonna pimp you ride. That busted ass Shadowsword? We went and put a hatch on the rear, void shields on top, and 180" mag wheels on each side. Thanks MTV for pimpin' Pert's ride!"

So another Primarch on the shelf... with the books, my Mrs likes to point to this as my cabinet of financial shame.

So, if you like it or loathe it, let me know,



  1. Replies
    1. Cheers mate. I can't decide on the best way to tarnish his wrist cannons, so I have left them in plain silver until I decide, rather than rush them.

  2. Great paint job on that awesome model! I really like how you managed the base, what colors did you use exactly on the knight?

    1. I used Miniataire Cracked Soil for the armoured surfaces, and Sky Blue for the subtle faded blue batches. I mixed both of these with some satin varnish to help them gloss a little and to make the bond a little stronger. The golds are the new GW Stormcast Eternal paints, expensive but very nice to use. I then used a custom orange/brown mix to pick out any dirt or rock, with a highlight of Baneblade Brown from GW. Next, I washed it with some Secret Weapon Dark Sepia, and once that was pretty much dry I used a ton of Rust Orange weathering powder from Secret Weapon and some Rust Brown and Green Earth mixed into it to provide the aged look. I finished up by applying a home made seal to the powders before varnishing the whole base.

  3. Beauty. Looking forward to picking this dude up.