Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Istvaan III Table: Table Update

Keepy here,

Just a quick update on the table. These photos were taken in between doing the ramp and building tiles and finishing the roads. There are also a couple of cheeky shots of the Comms Tower I have been working on as well, which will have it's own post soon.

It is nice to see the table progressing well, it is going to look awesome when the paint is down!

So just a quick post today, I will have the Comms tower post up in the next day or two. Thanks for stopping by.




Istvaan III Table: Concept and Design
Istvaan III Table: Battleframe 5000 Tile Construction
Istvaan III Table: Battleframe 5000 Tile Construction Complete!
Istvaan III Table: Road Sections
Istvaan III Table: Bell Tower
Istvaan III Table: Proxy Fit 1
Istvaan III Table: Governor's Residence
Istvaan III Table: Proxy Fit 2
Istvaan III Table: Habitation Block + Back2Base-ix Promo!
Istvaan III Table: Crater Tiles
Istvaan III Table: Building and RampTiles
Istvaan III Table: Battle Damaged Roads
Istvaan III Table: Table Update
Istvaan III Table: Comms Tower


  1. Such an amazing table. If only you didn't live in upside-down-land I would have loved to play on it.

    1. Thanks Craig, glad you like it!

      We often feel the same about all the great tables in the UK and US, always seeing pictures but never getting to game on them in the flesh. If you are ever are down this side of the globe, give us a yell - we are always happy to jazz up a game!

  2. Outstanding looking board. The detail and little touches you are adding is fantastic, I have wanted to do a multi level board like this ever since I saw the terrain in WD for the Eye of Terror cityfight battle report (going back a few years now).

    Only came across your blog a few days ago and after going through all the posts for this board i'll have to work my way through all the other posts now...

    1. Thanks Rictus, welcome to the blog! I hope you are enjoying it. I remember the board you are talking about, it (among some other boards) were the inspiration for the Istvaan III Table.

      Small details and finishing touches are a bit of a Pandora's Box, you can keep going and going adding more and more stuff but you never really finish or get what you want. There is a ton more I wanted to do but had to stop, otherwise the board never gets finished!

      Really glad you stumbled across us and I hope you are enjoying the content. If you have any questions just fire away mate.

  3. Looking awesome man, bummed I didn't get to play on this at the Horus Invitational!

    1. All good mate, I am sure we will get another Mechanicum "parts yard" game in soon!