Friday, 14 November 2014

Macca's Mechanicum Army3

G'day folks, Macca here with an update a long time in the making. Today I have for you the first playable Mechanicum forces from Calleb Decima's force. The detachment uses a combination of the rules from book I and III, and it is very legal. The only downside is Decima himself hasn't arrived yet, so *unamed techpriest number 4400036827* is taking his place for now.

The colour scheme is supposed to represent burnt and battle damaged automata, to contrast with the rich reds and bronzes of most Mechanicum armies. Unfortunately with this exposure on the camera, it's quite hard to see the battle damage as pale silver on pale white does tend to blend.

On this Thanatar, the damage is far easier to see. I am still undecided on if I will weather the decals, although I probably should for realisim...

Every Thallax has the same hand-painted tarnished metal on their bodies, as well as heat-tempered engines and thrusters, with varying shades of blues and purples suggesting the heat they put out.

Believe it or not, this plasma mortar is mostly painted with washes, that's because I couldn't decide how I would get a glow effect. The base was laid down with an airbrush of Guilliman blue, then drybrushed a couple of times, and washed again. I think it's a neat effect.

I just love the secret weapon bases, I have gone on and embellished them in order to help break them up, in this case I added shell casings, barbed wire etc. The tutorial on it can be found here.

Of course, if you think the army lacks colour or power, as a mate Eddie said, "what about the knights?" Well, I have 3 of them so far, so that adds a teeny tiny tad more muscle to the army... because y'know, Thanatar and the Krios are sooooo terrible...

Lastly the objective markers are straight out of the packet from Secret Weapon Miniatures. They fit the feel of the army I think.

That's all for now, I hope you enjoyed seeing this army. If you have any suggestions on what you think I can improve, let me know in the comments below!



  1. Lovely army. I feel I should let you know some sad news... At Warhammer Fest this year the FW guys made clear that they consider the list from Book 1 to be superseded and no longer current. Don't expect to receive a Decima model.

    1. Well, luckily enough they actually make one, but it's not in the Mechanicum section. Although book I's list is superseded, they allow you to add the units from it to the Tagmahta list in book III. Which is handy.

  2. You're gonna need a Magos Dominos to keep those Thanatar in line with a cortex controller.. Otherwise someone can just kite your automata all game with Landspeeder or whatever. Not to mention it's super unfluffy to run uncontrolled automata.

    You could take a Magos Auxilia unit with a cortex controller, but that's like 80 points and you don't even get Cybertheurgy!

    1. Sure will! In fact, one is on the way, but for the moment I am focusing on painting my Calleb Decima mini, he'll be hanging around the back lines pimpin' out the Krios or the Thanatar as required.

  3. Oh man Decima is so radical. That 18" insane haywire attack he's got is so formidable.. It's just a shame he can't move and use it, otherwise he'd be out of control!

    How many points have you got all together now? With Conquest, it's looking like you can run a Mechanicum primary detachment and then take your Knights as an allied detachment!

    I love those Thanatar, I've really gotta get mine assembled!

    1. I haven't actually worked out the points, but about 2700 would be a good guess between the two small armies. Decima is there to pimp out my Krios as a ranged AT platform, as well as repairing things. The Magos (in the mail) is there to keep the Thanatar in line, and the army itself focuses on Thallax. Pretty early on I decided I didn't want any Castellax, they just seem too cheesy to me, if they were elites I would take them, but they aren't...

  4. Oh man, Decima giving tank-hunter to a squadron of Krios Venators would be rad!

    After playing a bunch of games, the one hole that Mechanicum has is ranged anti tank. The Krios Venator is great, but only at 36".. If someone gets in a position where they can blast you from outside of that range, or have a superheavy it's really hard to deal with.

    Just a flare shielded Spartan is really really hard to light up if you're in its front arc, with anything in the Mechanicum toolbox..

    Yeah sounds like a good themed force, the Original Decima list was basically just Mechanicum LR's and Thallax.. There's that weird thing where you can take Tech Marines as stand-in Myrmidons, so Decima must have had some of those guys with him too..

    But yeah, keeping it all Thallax and some siege-weapons is awesome!

    I really hope they make an Ordo Reductor spin off list and allow them to take Medusas/Bombards etc at some point!

    1. I'm selling this entire army, Inc.

      Ordo Reductor Caleb Decima
      Tech priest with 3 servitors (White metal)
      3x4 Thallax, clear unit markings on shoulders, 1 multi melta in each squad (china resin)
      2x Thanatar
      2x Knight Paladin
      1x Knight Errant
      1x Krios Venator

      All knights converted with cockpits and magnetic bases, White Dwarf Featured and army is Armies on Parade silver medalist.

      Also included are 5 objective markers.

      $1200 starting price, I will pay shipping if, and can do PayPal. Located Melbourne Australia, will ship international at buyer expense.