Friday, 28 November 2014

Iron Armour: The Coolest Armour?

In my humble opinion, MK III, or Iron Armour, is the coolest armour going. This is a strict opinion article, and I wrote it just because I wanted to share some of the things that I love about this armour and why.

What makes it so cool? Well, as far as a sculpt goes, it has a lot more going on then the armour that comes after it. You have large pauldrons, a classic medieval knight helm, large greaves and vambraces (arms and shins), with lots of smaller details, such as overlapping plates on the rear of the legs, and rivets and trim all over. As far as the painting process is concerned, all the pros of the sculpt come in to play. Large areas on the torso, shoulder and shins mean you can have some real fun with freehand or decals, and the rivets keep the plates from being boring.

The Legion Command options are even more interesting, as they take these elements and add the classic imperial symbols, such as olive wreaths, golden gilding and Greaco-Roman weapons, and iconography. The MK III platform really lends itself to this.

The custom Legion variants of MK III are also the most impressive of all (make your arguments for MK II and IV, I'm keen to hear them), with the Iron Hands and Salamanders thus far getting the real treatment, but the upgrade kits for the Death Guard and Imperial Fists are very impressive.

Lastly, the breachers are fantastic. Rules-wise, you don't really see them as a popular option, outside of zone mortalis, but the rule-of-cool means they often see use on the battlefield.

That's it, just a simple opinion piece, let me know what your favourite armour MK is and why,



  1. Ive always wanted to start a Space Wolves 30k army exclusively using MkIII armor, very fitting for the Sons of Russ IMO!! :)

    1. It's a very Space Wolf thing, just look at the cover of Prospero Burns. Fantastic stuff.

  2. Yeah man MKIII is the I'm slowly accumulating enough to do my Iron Hands, all MKIII with the MKIII Iron Hands bodies and things. I'm super psyched!

    It will include a full unit of MKIII Destroyers too.

    How did the sale on the Mechanicum army go? Are you going to start a new army with the profits??

    1. Still in the sale process. People want to pay less then what it costs, all for a fully built, resin based and painted army. Because reasons. But this money is all for my trip to Fiji.

      I am working on another army at the moment, including some MK III destroyers!

  3. Hell yeah! What legion? Or is it a secret?

    I wish they'd drop some phobos pattern combi weapons, and seeker upgraded bolters.. I'd love to do some MKIII Legion Seekers!

    Ugh that sucks. Your price was pretty good for fully painted/based etc, specially considering how much that stuff all costs new!

    1. Yeah. Unfortunately not a lot you can do about that. So, the new project is Iron Warriors, I have just finished assembly work on the Tormentor, great fun :D