Friday, 13 February 2015

2000pts Sons of Horus Army List

Gday all,

Keepy here after a bit of a hiatus from all things blog. I have a few things in the works regarding the Istvaan III build and a few other projects, so today's post is a good break from those and exercise my poor under nourished brain a bit.

I have found my love for the Sons of Horus again, and have shelved the Mechanicum for a while. Just a bit tired of playing them I think, and need a change to keep my interest up.

This is a bit of a play test to see what units I paint first, but also to see what I can get for 2k worth of points. This list is supposed to be a bit fluffy, but with a kick to it:

2000pts Sons of Horus


150pts Praetor w/ Iron Halo, Paragon Blade
195pts Legion Command Squad (x5) w/ Combat Shields, 4x Power Weapons, Power Fist
200pts Proteus Land Raider (Dedicated Transport)


150pts Apothecarion Detachment w/ 3x Apothecaries, Augury Scanners


290pts Legion Tactical Squad (x20) w/ Legion Vexilla, Sgt w/ Artificer Armour, Powerfist, Meltabombs
290pts Legion Tactical Squad (x20) w/ Legion Vexilla, Sgt w/ Artificer Armour, Powerfist, Meltabombs

Fast Attack

400pts Legion Seeker Squad (x8) w/ Combi Bolters, Dreadclaw


190pts Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer
135pts Legion Sicaran Battle Tank

Modus Operandi: Apothecaries split up with the two Tactical Squads and the Legion Command squad, they are equipped with augury scanners so they also give these units the Interceptor special rule if my opponent plonks down a pod or somthing in range... And of course gives them all FNP. The Command Squad mounts up in the Land Raider and will sit inbetween the two Tactical Squads acting as a counter-charge unit as well as giving off a 6" Fearless bubble from the Hull of the Land Raider thanks to the Legion Standard. Tacticals also have Legion Vexillas as a backup in case out of Fearless range. This combined blob is the core of the army and provides a massive footprint on the table to dominate / hold ground with.

The Sicaran and Venator will both work the flanks picking targets / transports to pop for the Seekers, as well as acting as a defensive / cut off unit for fast movers. Seekers drop down in the Dreadclaw T1 and smoke a high value / threat target (for example, a Jetbike squad) with a mixture of Combi Plas/Melta. If they survive longer than two turns then they can load up in the Dreadclaw again and hit something else a bit more squishy with their special ammo.

There are plenty of hobby things I would love to do with this list, the main one being a Land Raider with a massive Sons of Horus banner on it, like this image from Visions of Heresy:

I am pretty sure this has already been done, but it is something I can see tearing around the battlefield insipiring troops to crack on and fight through!

The Sons of Horus command squad is the other project, with instead of being modeled with big combat shields, placing the small  buckler style shields you see in the generic legion command and on 40k terminator Sergeants. And of course, plenty of SoH iconography and parts.

While writing up this list I thought of several alternatives you could do that would also be great hobby projects. If you ditch the Land Raider and give the Preator and Command Squad all Jetbikes, it comes in 10pts more expensive. You lose FNP due to no Jetbiking Apothecary, but you get speed, toughness and alot of heavy weapons fire with some chop to it as well, not to mention a Jink save. Seekers can also be replaced with a 9 man Tactical Support squad with Meltas / Plasmas for the same cost as the 8 man Seeker sqaud, you gain consitant plasma / melta fire but at the cost of BS4 and no Death Mark special rule for Prefered Enemy against a target. If you wanted to free up some points you could also cut 5 legionares from each Tactical Squad, making them a bit less unweildy and freeing up 100pts to play with.

Anyway, what are your thoughts? Good? As bad as a Macca rant? I would love to get your thoughts on this and discuss!



  1. I was under the impression from reading the crusade legions book that seeker strike leaders couldn't take combi-weapons as they are not as the book puts it seeker space marines. is that me misunderstanding things? As if so i need to remodel my squads strike leader

    1. There was a bit of a re-word from the original list in book one. The Crusade Army List book states that "Any seeker marine can exchange..." to me that reads ANY marine, inclusive of the Sergeant. It reads the same with every other unit eg Legion Outriders for upgrading bolters to special weapons. There was a bit of a discussion about it before the release of the stand alone Crusade Army List on one of the forums about it too.

      I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong? Good point though. If not, then a powerfist for the Sergeant!

    2. Having a good read through the Sergeant / Team Leaders rules for most of the squads, and I think you are right Daniel. The rest of the entries explicitly state that "the Sergeant / Marine may" where as the Seekers do not.

      So quick fix, Powerfist instead of Combi-bolter! Thanks for the comment mate, otherwise I would not have picked it up.

  2. I'm fairly sure the strike leader can take a combi weapon as I seem to remember asking on FW's Facebook page, back when they had one, and being relieved I didn't have to rip my guy's combi plasma off

  3. Hmmm.... Interesting. I might hold off building the Strike Leader until I can get a definitive answer. Cheers mate

    1. I just emailed FW so once they reply i will post it up dude. I'm hoping i dont need to do another remodel on the strike leader, as mine is a salvaged mini from a rather careless previous owner.

  4. So they finally got back to me, they made a mistake in the book and it should read both marines and strike leader can take combi weapons. So its back to my one for a remodel. although i see from the new article you wont be running them anymore.

    1. Thanks for the update Daniel. It is nice to know they can take the combis as well as the other options. I don't think I will get rid of the Seekers completely, but for the moment the Tactical Support Squad is better value for my list.