Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Iron Warriors Army: Complete

G'day folks, Macca here with my now very playable Iron Warriors army. Not just that, but I took the photos on my new Imperial Sector realm of battle board. Overall, the army was a really fun project, and whilst nothing too crazy happened with the conversions, the little bits I did I feel add something unique to the force.

First up, I have Narik Dreygur leading his unit of Vorax Automata. This is a nasty unit, but nowhere near as scary as Castellax...

There's also my Iron Warrior Contemptors, complete with chainfists and grav gun hands.

Of course, there's the command squad, led by Kyr Vhalen for +5 to their badassery rolls.

Tyrant Siege Terminators. Why? Because my enemies' tears are the sweetest of nectar.

My custom Deredeo. How custom? Well, not very, this was a pretty subtle conversion, with some Thallax chain-bayonets attacked to his main guns, an Iron Warriors icon on his left knee and physical hazard stripes added to the right of his torso and his right shin. The only reason I made them physical instead of just painting them (which is like 10 times easier) is that I wanted to make him match my existing Dreadnoughts.

Graviton Rapiers. Why? Well, not many people have them, so it's something different. I also made the guns removable so I can use quad mortars or quad lasers in the future.

The weathering is pretty restrained I feel, with a tiny smidge of rust and some chips and scratches.

Iron Havocs with Autocannons...

...Iron Havocs with Heavy Bolters

The Tormentor.

I love this tank so friggen' much, just for the rule of cool.

Iron Within, Iron Without

I hope you enjoy the army, if all goes well, I will also be doing a video battle report on this table and with this army come this weekend! Btw, if you're in Ballarat, hit me up and if I'm around, you can come over for a game of 30k.



  1. It's wonderful to see a project coming together!

    Looking forward to the batrep!

    1. Cheers mate! Yeah, it's been a while coming, this is one of the slower armies I have done, that said I paint really really fast, so I don't know if my slow is actual slow lol

  2. Dude those Contemptors are some of the best looking 30k models I've ever seen, wow.

  3. Dude those Contemptors are some of the best looking 30k models I've ever seen, wow.