Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Tormentor: Part 2, painting the legend

The Tormentor, personal transport of the Primarch Perturabo himself. This was the first unit painted for this army, and boy did it become a testing ground for ideas.

To start with, I applied a basecoat of Tamiya Grey Primer. This primer is fantastic, and it seamlessly covered the miniature.

Next, I painted in the panel lines. I used Miniataire Raven Black to do this. The reason I did this is that it allows a slight darkening of the silver in the areas which are black. This adds depth and some pre-shading to the silver.

Once I had finished with the black, I applied the silver, Tamiya X-32 Titanium Silver. I also added about 1:50 of Raven Black to this to make it a tad darker. As you can see, only a small amount of the black showed through the silver, but this is what I want.

Next, I used some of my 'Special Metallic Mix', a custom concoction of mine using Tamiya Clear Red, Clear Blue, Smoke, and a few metallics. I then applied this around some of the panel lines and the barrel to add some more definition to the silver.

After this, I gloss varnished the entire miniature, followed by taping off the areas I would be painting with Hazard Stripes. The Hazards are a VERY over used paint-scheme, namely because they are pretty cool. With this in mind, I kept the scheme very limited. They are after all Iron Warriors, not Hazard Warriors.

Once the yellow (a custom mix) was dry, another varnish, some more tape, and I did the black. Here ended the airbrushing. 

Next, I started the detail work. From this point on, it's all old fashioned hand-painting. I painted in the Aquillas and the stowage, as well as the void generators.

Lastly, I applied some decals, from the Minotaurs, Death Guard, Iron Hands and Super Heavy decal sheets. At this point, I am pretty happy, however I still have a quite a lot of minor details to pick out, so I will leave this here until I get back from Fiji.

Merry Christmas all,



  1. I like to imagine Perturabo sending some Astarte to jump out the back door and clamber up the side, grab some jerries and fill up the gas tank when the Tormentor runs out of fuel mid-battle..

    1. Hahaha no, he has robots for that, jeeeezeee

    2. So hope they do colossus pattern robots and the Iron Circle or whatever they're called!

      They'd have to make a special rule so they could ride inside a vehicle though, being monstrous creatures?

  2. Hi James, this looks amazing.

    What are the ratios for the 'special mix'?

    Many thanks