Thursday, 3 September 2015

IVth Legion Terminators WIP

So, a quick update today,

Here is where the Terminators are at for the IVth Legion. Obviously, Perturabo and the Tyrants aren't pictured, but they do exist, trust me!

Obviously, there are the 3 HQ's I made a few weeks back, Erasmus Golg, Forge Lord and Primus Medicae

There is gold squad, who are painted in the same scheme as the existing terminators in the army. Gold squad is mostly armed with combi-plasma.

Silver squad is painted similar to the Cataphractii Terminator pictured in Book III (also, I put a copy of him below. Note the dark silver armour with bright silver trim. Fun times making that look right...

There is also grey squad... who shouldn't be grey, but I can only paint so fast. There is also a wip banner bearer for a command squad option, his banner is the 40k Grey Knight one where I have filed all the detail off and smoothed it over with putty. Took forever for the record.

I'm digging the colour palette for the plasma blast gun, with burnished barrel and glowing coils.

I heavily weathered the chevrons on the silver squad, which is all hand painted (as you'll see in the close ups). For me, it helps the look.

Yes, that's ALL hand painted, and it is kind of a pain in the ass painting symetrical stripes of black and yellow.

So there you have it, the work in progress shots of the Iron Warrior Cataphractii Terminators, an army I am hoping to debut at Inferno IV with their Primarch at their side.


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