Wednesday, 11 June 2014

15 Minute Death Guard.

Macca here, and I want to bring you my 15 minute Death Guard. This model uses just 8 colours, which are:

-Base of 50/50 Screaming Skull and Ceramite white
-Shoulder pads 50/50 mix of Ogryn Green and Caliban Green
-Brass trim 50/50 mix of Balthasar Gold and Auric Gold
-Weapon and conduit on the pack are Ironbreaker
-Soft sponging with Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black (any black is fine)

I put together a video tutorial, however the video editor decided to pixilate the last 5 minutes, so rather then throw up an inferior video, I have just listed the paints. I also used Raw Umbar and Sap Green oil paint mixed together to give the model a wash. As you can see, this is incredibly simple paint scheme, and even including the decals the miniature only took 15 minutes. You don't need to be a master painter or a gun with the brush, you just need to paint between the lines. There is ZERO highlighting and zero blending on this model, yet it (at least in my eyes) perfectly performs the role of a standard infantry model.

As you can see, the oil paints give a real crisp-ness to the  rear armour plates where they overlap.

I dropped down to a lower angle on this shot just so you can see the simplicity of the battle damage.

So that's it, 15 minutes. What do you think, I'd especially like to hear from Death Guard players, do you have a simpler method? Do you like/dislike the colours? Let me know;


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