Saturday, 6 September 2014

HH Thousand Sons concept drawings FW open day / Amsterdam 2014

Gday Guys,

I dont have too much to post for this one, but Eamon managed to get pics of the only two bits of HH Thousand Sons stuff at the FW open day in Amsterdam. I know fans of 1k Sons have been hanging out for ages, unfortunately no dates as to when any of their legion specific stuff will be released. Estimates so far have been mid to late next year in a book 5.

Only two photos, but I would rather get a teaser then nothing at all. Unless I am out at a certain venue... but that is a story for another time.


Like I said, not much here but at least you can go to be knowing that they are being worked on and they will be released... One day.



  1. I'm so excited. Been waiting for these guys for 2 years now, and still manage to maintain my excitement, so FW must be doing something right. Even after 2 years of collecting them I still don't have a painted army...

    1. Yeah, it sucks balls that they are taking so long. My main concern has always been that they should have focused on getting the conversion bits and shoulder pads out of the way before focusing on the less critical units, such as the Super Heavies. As it stands, the Sons of Horus fans have had pretty much everything to make an army for two years, but the Thousand Sons, Dark Angels, etc will likely have to wait a further 2-3 years.