Sunday, 23 August 2015

Iron Warriors: Erasmas Golg and more Consuls!

Erasmus Golg.

Not many photos here, as he is the most simple conversion, simply a Grave Warden with a head swap and a vexillia.

Primus Medicae.

This guy was a little more effort. Apothecary lights and sensors were glued onto his torso, and his weapon is a conversion of the grenade launcher, combining a melta and bolter together for a combi-melta combination.


The most fun of the three, this guy is a combination of a little Forge Lord, Siege Breaker, Warsmith, Praetor, Champion, Consul etc. This is my Jack-of-all-trades character, something I can use in multiple lists.

Befitting his stature and techno-prowess, I elected to modify the grenade launcher arm in a different way, combining a melta into it, and adding a small augery scanner (just above the hand). He has a large servo arm on his back, as well as a single frag assault launcher.

Three HQ's.

So there they are, three HQ's. The choice to go with more Cataphractii is in response to a few things:

-My previous force, the defensive siege force was too dominant in the ranged game, reducing the entire tournament I played in to a shooting game, I felt like dirty Tau.

-I have little to no effective Zone Mortalis forces. Can't defend the Contrador with MK IV armour!

-I lacked mobility. The one situation where my shooting failed was when Michael from the Eye of Horus backed away with the Relic hidden inside his Spartan. I had to cross the battlefield to grab it, I couldn't just shoot both the Spartan AND the Stone Gaunlet Breachers with Feel No Pain to death. I needed strong assault options to do it.

So, here I am. I hope you enjoy these quick snaps.



  1. Love them! Death Guard Terminators provide so many useful bits!

    1. Yeah, it's just a shame the shoulders and arms are one part, it makes converting them quite hard. The Thunder Hammer arm on the Forge Lord is actually a forearm off a different miniature replacing his power fist.

  2. Nice work overall. I feel you let it down with the apothecary. I would never have guessed it was one without you telling me so. I don't see it as easily identifiable as an apothecary with cataphracti armour, a combi melta and nothing overtly 'medicy' about him.

    I also think some depth could have been added to the minis if the chainmail had of been painted. It would have seperated the darkness on large sections of the minis.

    1. Good points. The light playing over the miniature makes the chainmail and the black cloth under it look the same colour, which is the down side of pictures. As for the look of the Apothecary, I'm not sure what I can do to make him pop. I tried using a white shoulder and a white saw on his left hand, as well as the lights on the armour. I can't think of a place to put the apothecary symbol either.

  3. i would have made the apothecary predominately white. i wouldn't have put him in terminator armour period. I don't think an auxillary support officer would utilize front line elite armour to be honest. But thats just my take on the fluff. I would tweak the chainfist to look more like a narthecium as well.