Saturday, 25 January 2014

Storm Shields

Gday Guys!

Just a quick post today - I have had a couple of peeps ask me about the Storm Shields from the The Painting Bunker so here is some more info on them. Here you go!

To me they look like some very quickly fashioned make-shift shields from a chunk of plas-steel, and I think that is the look John was going for. A very basic shield, perfect for filling the gap for the lack of 30k ones. As I said in the previous post, these will be used for 40k games only, as the arms are magnetised with 3mm x 2mm rare earth magnets.

Here's a painted one, they have heaps of flat surfaces for etched brass and transfers.

I don't think John sells them anymore, but if you pop over to his blog and ask him nicely who knows he might just cast you up a batch. No promises though!

You can see a quick post about his Storm Shield on an Iron Hands Librarian here.

That's all for now, catch you next time



  1. Cheers for the follow up post mate - like you've pointed out - nce and simple design, perfect for a transfer or etched brass.

  2. Not a problem mate! Happy to help out