Thursday, 23 January 2014

White Scars Spartan Assault Tank Part 4: Complete

Hello! Macca here with the finally finished White Scars Spartan. To say this thing was easy is a lie, for 90% of the project it was, until: the tracks. Can't say I'm a fan of this at all, the Sicarian design was far better and I hope Forge World continues making vehicles with tracks already attacked to the hull. Well, that's all I have to say on that, I'll let the photos speak for themselves, enjoy.

That's all for now, hope to hear from you, ~Macca


  1. Nice one all round - the engine stack on this beast is awesome.

    Those havoc launchers are really subtle - great little improvement.

    Nice one mate - cant wait to see the rest of what you lads have been getting on with.

    1. Thanks mate! It has been a fun few days working on this Spartan, funny enough the next thing to be done for the White Scars are some modified Tartaros Pattern Terminators. I based that concept on the novel Scars. Should be fun to do a big command squad of terminators.

    2. Sounds exciting - I loved the sound of the Keshig in Scars. It seems like BL and FW will find a way to give each Legion its own Terminator body guard.

      Are you using the Legion or 40K Tartaros armour?

    3. Legion mate, but with a few bits added, or sculpted. I think a tidy conversion with a dao might look good as a paragon blade for a Praetor..