Saturday, 18 January 2014


Welcome to A Galaxy in Flames, a blog dedicated to Warhammer 30k, with a focus on hobby and semi-competitive gaming.

We have a couple of different authors from around the traps each having their own specialties within the Hobby and Gaming aspects of 30k, each with their own unique flare and take on all things heretical.

Who are we? We are a group of Australian military personnel (both currently serving and some now discharged) from all around the country who have used gaming for both the nostalgic feeling from our teens and to cope with the stressors of military service. An interesting stat that came up whilst writing this intro was that all the authors on this blog have all seen active service of some type within the Australian Military, weather it be in the Middle East or further abroad.

There are a few of our peers that use the hobby and gaming aspects to help combat the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and being surrounded by gamers that have all served gives them a place they can relax, unwind and have a social chat as well as have understanding from the experiences they have had. That said, we all love to win and the competitive spirit pushes each other to better ourselves with both painting, hobby and gaming aspects.

We are all a part of the WW40k and ADFWGA (Australian Defence Force War Gaming Association) and participate regularly with events and tournaments run by both. WW40k is open to both military and civilians and has a great mix of people. The main cities that gatherings occur are Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide with Melbourne and Canberra on the radar soon. To find out more visit For those interested in the military side of it then head on over to

There is more information about the authors in the About Us label here.

Talk soon, and I hope you enjoy our posts!


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